Hey Team. Once again, we Americans are faced with the insidious act of terrorism on our homeland. And once again, Americans take the blow and rise to the occasion. Boston is the birthplace of our nation’s resilience and on Monday we were attacked as we celebrated life through personal achievement and competition. The Boston Marathon has always been a symbol of excellence among the country’s greatest sporting events. The 26 miles and 385 yards a person runs is a feat that will test anyone. This incredible climb of perseverance and emotional  turmoil will break you down as you push past the wall and lift you up as you cross the finish line. The modern marathon has been pushing human beings for over a century and the concept of long distance running has been a huge component in our evolution as a species. The forging process is laid out for us with clarity and delivered with conviction through every step we run. The fact is America has been forged the same way. Our Country’s marathon, which began in Boston has been a long grueling race. At every decisive marker, we’ve dug deep within our souls and pushed ourselves through the pain, discovering what we’re made of and why we can’t quit. The Revolutionary way. The Civil War.  WWI. The Great Depression. WWII. Vietnam War. Civil Rights Movement. 9/11. The Iraq War. The Afghanistan War. The Boston Bombing. We are a nation of marathoners, committed to the long race. We will never allow the cowardly acts of evil to take our legs out from our faith in our country. We will never quit running the Marathon of Freedom, Americans are committed to finishing together, forever. God bless those we lost in Boston, all those we lost from our past. God bless America and all that we stand for. Out

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