Elite Training – The Wrong Way and The Right Way

In this awesome episode on Navy SEAL Radio, performance coach David Rutherford explains the reasons why Special Operations training has produced some of the most elite human beings on the planet. He explores 70 years of Navy SEAL training concepts and shares his unique insights from his own Froglogic Training Philosophy. David welcomes a couple […]

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Outward Bound Veterans Program – A Navy SEAL’s Insight

In this informative episode, Navy SEAL and behavioral training specialist David Rutherford explains Outward Bound and the positive effect its veterans programs are having around the country. David gives historical background on one of the nations longest running and successful outdoor developmental programs. As a two-time participant, once as a kid and most recently on […]

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Fighting Childhood Obesity – The SEAL Team Way

In this controversial episode of Navy SEAL Radio, behavioral training specialist David Rutherford exposes the truth behind the national epidemic of childhood obesity. David clarifies the main reasons why our children are suffering and then outlines how to get our kids back on track. If you’re a parent, educator, or young person dealing with the […]

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SEAL Perseverance – Cancer Survivor Justin Legg

In this inspiring episode of Navy SEAL Radio, David Rutherford explains Perseverance and how it plays a critical role in our lives. As a behavioral training expert, David outlines how you can develop your perseverance by understanding how Navy SEALs forge theirs. He also gives clear examples from his Froglogic motivational philosophy to help you […]

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Living Your Dream – Luck vs. Hard Work

In this totally motivating St. Patricks Day episode, Navy SEAL David Rutherford answers the age-old question about whether it’s better to be lucky or driven to work hard. David explores his incredible life experience and how he’s been able to live out several dreams. He will outline how you can begin to achieve your dreams by […]

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Firefighters and The Brotherhood

Fighting Fire with Fire In this inspiring episode, Navy SEAL Radio host David Rutherford explores the courageousness of firefighters and their commitment to serving the greater good. David interviews two firefighters who explain their passion and commitment that drives them to run into burning buildings and put their lives on the line for you. He […]

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The Next Person You Meet Will Change Your Life

In this highly motivational episode, Behavioral Training Specialist David Rutherford will ignite your desire to start living life to the fullest. David describes his incredible journey in life and how his drive to continuously meet amazing people shaped his ability to achieve all of his dreams. David describes how generating new relationships forces us all […]

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Lone Survivor Foundation – Marcus Luttrell Interview

In this episode David interviews Marcus Lattrell about the Lone Survivor Foundation and the powerful impact it’s having on veteran’s and their families. David talks to some of the committed members of the LSF team who commit their lives to helping others. Don’t miss this great show on a charity that truly makes a difference. HOOYAH From the […]

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Navy SEAL Training – Preparing for the Big Game

In this Super Bowl Episode, Navy SEAL and behavioral training specialist David Rutherford outlines a clear strategy for getting you ready for the biggest game of your life. David calls from his experience as a SEAL and international training specialist to help you develop the necessary skills needed to embrace your fears and win big. […]

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Navy SEAL Motivation – Have A Positive Attitude

In this episode David introduces his audience to Froglogic Self-Confidence Mission 1: Have a Positive Attitude. David describes in detail how to forge a Positive Attitude. He will be recruiting you, his new teammates for your help defining this critical concept behind human success. Change your way of thinking by enlisting David to become your […]

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