Navy SEAL Motivation – Achieving Your Dreams

In this incredibly inspiring episode, David talk’s about his life and how he’s been able to achieve dream after dream. In this show he outlines Why dreams are important for a healthy life and how Navy SEALs achieve their dreams. Finally David will describe his motivational philosophy called Froglogic, and give you four easy to […]

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PTSD Show #1 – Negative Scarring

In this powerful episode, David digs deep into PTSD and the brutal challenges afflicting our Veterans and many in Society. David exposes the truth behind why people struggle getting “Real World” help in the midst of their crisis. He also outlines how suffering individual’s and groups can benefit from using Froglogic and a Navy SEAL […]

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Team Life Mission 4: Leadership

In this final episode of David’s Team Life series stand by for an incredible look into the power of great leadership. David uses Medal of Honor winner Lt. Mike Murphy to define how Navy SEALs explain what leading men on the battlefield is all about. He also breaks down why becoming a great leader in […]

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Upcoming Broadcast: Team Life Mission 4: Leadership

Coming up this Saturday on Navy SEAL Blog Talk Radio, we will be discussing Mission 4 of our Team Life Series: LEADERSHIP. How can you become a better and more effective leader? How do you access the leader in yourself? How do you help others by being a leader in your daily life? Leadership is […]

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David Radio Interview with Jon Hansen

A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Parenting Host Jon Hansen Tuesday 25, April 2013 12:00 pm

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