Team. I came across this article today and absolutely lost my mind. 23% of American youth has pre-Diabetes or full blown Diabetes. THIS IS CRAZY! And this stat is based a ten year span, from 1999 to 2008. These statistics most likely aren’t even accurate anymore. The number could even be as high as 25% of all kids in the US have this potenitally deadly disease! What is going on? Why is the greatest country on earth with the smartest minds and best opportunities facing a massive health challenge that will ultimately change the direction of life expectancy in the US? I will tell you why. The value of Physical Training and personal accountability has been over taken by ignorance and outright laziness. How many schools across the country no longer require P.E.? How many parents, because of their own physical and mental challenges have condemned their own children by subjecting their kids to day after day, and night after nigh of poor food and drink choices? The fact is, that WE as a society have now embraced the slow, methodical killing of our future generations. I am embarrassed and dishonored by this truth. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution television show highlighted the truth behind our school systems complete dysfunction. His show proved that adults, who have the power to change this death sentence are totally ignoring it and when confronted are passing the monkey to anyone else they can blame. I can tell you from personal experience, how many times during my kids motivational events, where I would conducted PT (physical training) with the kids prior to my talk, that NO teachers would join in and exercise with their own students. AMERICA we have lost our minds. To think that mandatory PE and Nutritional Education isn’t a requirement in every school is an outright CRIME. It’s time to put some real boots on the ground and force a fundamental shift in societal thinking. Otherwise we are absolutely condemning these children to their graves. PT OR DIE! OOUUTT

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