On this day Americans are asked to open their dark conscious and allow remembrance for my fallen brothers and sisters to grace their hearts. For Veterans across this great nation we never escape this state because it’s our brothers, sisters, teammate’s, and swim buddies who gave everything so that we can bear the burden of their last breath. We will never forget their sacrifice and their willingness to accept the cultural reality and necessity of waging War against those who wish to eliminate our way of life. These great men and women choose to defend freedom, and by raising their right hand swearing an oath of allegiance to the Nation, their Units but especially to their teammate’s they set in motion events which lead to their death. Do not praise me or those of us still living. Praise the dead. Praise them and bring life to their memories. Share a story with someone you love. Give testimony about the man that changed your life. Today, I will speak to my daughters about my great mentor. I will tell that their Daddy is the man he is because of Senior Chief BC. I will speak in whisper drawing them close in as I wrap my arms around their delicate shoulders. I will tell them about his great journey and commitment to America. 27 years in the SEAL Teams. And another 8 working for the CIA. I will explain that he loved his country with all his heart. And I pray that my girls hear in my voice, see in my eyes, and feel my love for this great man so that they too, some day will speak in whispers about the fallen who served them. Never Forget. God bless America and all my fallen teammates. Long Live the Brotherhood. Out

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