David’s Daily Dose – “There’s the calming effect to being able to perform the basics to perfection. When you and your team are floundering in the craziness of chaos, start at the beginning. Get back to the things that you know are true and then build from there. This way the questions that arise from being out of control can be answered by the basic truths in life.” #Froglogic #NavySEALmotivation

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  1. Comment by Mike Nutt

    Mike Nutt August 23, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Thanks Rut for the Daily Dose. It really hit the spot with me and my family. We’ve been discussing exactly along the lines of being squared away and sticking with the basics until they are boring so we can take ground as a family and dynamically change our lives in every way shape and form. It felt like I had you standing over my shoulder and backing me up. That’s very powerful. Thank You my brother for leading the fight against the negative insurgency. Carry on.

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