David’s Daily Dose – “What are your standards for living? Do you even have a set of standards which govern and drive your purpose? So often we get submerged into the quagmire of complacency held down by the perpetual state of our fears. It’s time to get out. Start moving your mind and free yourself from the paralysis of fear. Call out to your teammates who are waiting to help set your free. And with your freedom set a new standard for living. A standard that helps you to embrace your fears so you too can live with purpose. OOUUTT” #EmbraceFear #Froglogic

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  1. Comment by Blake

    Blake July 23, 2014 at 10:38 am

    Thanks for that solid piece of advice Dave! Ive always struggled with my self confidence which brings FEAR and doubt into my mind. Its time iset a new standard for myself. Ill need it for BUD/S and everything else thrown at me. HOOYAH! NEVER QUIT!

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