David’s Daily Dose – “Don’t seek the guidance of those who know everything but instead of those who’ve had to change their behavior because they finally began to understand they knew nothing. These brave souls who’ve been blessed with an awakening due to the dramatic effects of fear and failure can help you retrain your brain. They will share their journey to enhance yours. Embrace them to embrace your fears. OOUUTT” #EmbraceFear #Froglogic

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  1. Comment by Matt Larsen

    Matt Larsen July 26, 2014 at 10:50 am

    Great show today, David!
    Jeff Nichols was an awesome guest!
    Q: Does environment have an impact on a person’s ability to get disciplined, stay positive, and change their bad habits?
    How does a person overcome those challenges if they’re stuck in an unhealthy environment?

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