David’s Daily Dose – “Covered in the filth of Fear I will not be deterred. Discomfort is part of my life and I willingly accept that fact. The Negative Insurgency attempts to coat my soul with every ounce of foulness imaginable. I shall not allow fear to defile my focus and distract my determination to serve the greater good. Underneath the mire I cannot tire because I will Embrace my Fears forever. OOUUTT”


  1. Comment by Glenn

    Glenn July 3, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    Dave, I started to embrace Froglogic one month ago, so far it has turned my whole attitude around, and I am getting more positive everyday, I’m back to doing PT daily which is something I stopped 3 years ago when my little daughter was born, but you and your team have lit the fire in me again, thank you all so much, HOOYAH!!!!

  2. Comment by Don Frank

    Don Frank July 4, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Navy Seals; A history part II, the Vietam years
    Barry Enoch, Chief Gunner’s Mate, USN/ page 52: “Just beacuse a SEAL is highly trained for combat doesn’t mean he won’t be scared. And the same “fear” was in my heart… but you have to overcome that “fear” pretty quick or you won’t be any use to yourself or your Teammates”

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