David’s Daily Dose – “The pressure of life can feel like you’re being smothered. The Negative Insurgency keeping constant pressure against each move you make. The key is to create space to breathe and regain your composure. It doesn’t need to be a huge gap, just enough to change perspectives. If you’re too tired than ask your swim buddy to tap in. There’s nothing wrong with using the team you’ve been blessed with. OOUUTT”

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  1. Comment by Chris Bidwell

    Chris Bidwell September 5, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    I’ve dreamed of my whole life of being a Navy SEAL. I was in the Navy for 9.5 years from 1991-2000. My eyesight was a limitation that prevented me from pursuing that dream. I’ve been reading your book on Self-Confidence and love the material. I need a jump start in my life. I’m out of shape and need a click in my mind somewhere to light that fire again. Thanks for all you’re doing!

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