As a solider dies on the battlefield, they are not hallowed to dust alone. Never to be forgotten. Their sacrifice forever lives in the pain the those who loved them. The children who will never know their father or mother. The spouse who lost their soulmate. The parent who never gets to hug their child again. Their courage is traced to their last inspiring action just prior to the impact of their fate. Never to be forgotten. A friend recalls their influence as meaningful and deliberate. A community unites behind the selfless effort of a chosen son or daughter. A nation promises to remember their commitment to something bigger than themselves. The dust has settled. Our loved ones are gone. And today, the the breath of our Freedom continues to make the solemn promise, that we, our great nation, America, will never forget those who have given everything so that we may remember. God bless all who have sacrificed. God bless the Brotherhood. God Bless America.

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Team Froglogic David’s Dose #2 Memorial Day 27 May 13 Copyright 2013


David's Dose #2 Memorial Day 27 May 2013 Pic

David’s Dose #2 Memorial Day 27 May 2013 Pic


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