David’s Memorial Day Blog – “Shed my tears but not my memories.

What should we memorialize on Memorial Day? The saturated fields of our sorrowed past, covered in the blood of our fallen brothers and sisters? The hollow hearts of wives, sons and daughters echoing against the tombstones across our divided nation? Perhaps we should sit silently and count one by one all of the final heartbeats of those who gave everything so that our flag still flies. These are the natural and true thoughts that should grace the corners of our minds. However, now more than ever a significant number of our fellow inhabitants simply choose to ignore the depth of each grave. Giving way to the allure of selfish thought and embracing freedom through the frost of a cold beer or on the taste of good barbecue. This will not do. This cannot be the memory of Memorial Day.

You’ve been graced with free time to escape the grasp of your working life to lighten the load and laugh with family and friends. This gift, I’m sure, will not be wasted on petty action such as moments of silence, singing of the national anthem or even prayers of thanks and gratitude. You must not waste this valuable time by the distraction and remembrance of War. Because your time is precious and it was never your War. It was the War of someone else. Some other person driven by idealism and the fading testament of forgotten tribes. Drink up, your time is waning. Do not miss the opportunity to serve yourself.

As you pass the next flag on your way to the next party, I ask you one favor. Let the grand beauty of Old Glory settle in on your soul. Actually stop, set your drink down, place your plate of food on the table and smile. Be honest with yourself and with your past as you too play a pivotal role in memorializing my brothers. You see I cannot forget, I WILL NOT FORGET, my brothers. Our hearts are lashed together by a bond borne out of 238 years of sacrifice and blood. As long as my blood lives they will live. As long as my daughters live they will live. As long as a few true patriots remain their memory will never die. You can be that patriot. You too can serve the greater good. Perhaps you won’t fall in a foreign land wearing the uniform of this great nation but you can make a stand now, during your FREE time and remember. Remember each painful moment, each open wound, each gasp as the life of our blessed warrior poets fade into the fog of history. You can be their memory, their life, their storyteller. Memorialize them. Never Forget.”

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