Eventually, the truth comes out. There is no denying it. Especially when you search for the truth of your own fear. After years and years of being confronted by, tussling with, and outright running from your fears in many different physical, mental and spiritual environments, it’s impossible to dismiss your fears as a non-factor in how you choose to operate in life. Remember, fear is an eternal part of our existence. We are literally wired for it and spend countless hours learning to avoid fear. The reality is that fear will always play a role in your life. It’s time you begin to accept your reality and learn to embrace your fears.

What is reality? Wow, for eons this question has twisted philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, mathematicians, physicians, religious scholars and every other doctor of any kind into proverbial brain-banging, basket case neurotic nut jobs. Why? Because it’s a huge question. I, too, have spent hundreds of hours being perplexed over this very topic. Is reality merely our perception of our existing environment as our conscious minds allow us to comprehend and explain it? Or is it the perceived impact from our external environment as the world around us dictates our necessity to survive? Perhaps reality simply put is the faith you have in what you’ve been taught and learned by experiencing the physical, mental and spiritual world of every day life. If you can touch and feel it, it’s real. If you can see it and understand it, it’s real. If your faith lets you believe and love it, it’s real. Whichever definition you chose to enact in your life, that’s your reality. And fear is real.

That’s why I’m introducing you to one of the 4 core concepts and its missions from my motivational training program called Froglogic. I’ve been exploring the human condition for the past 20 years discovering what enables a person to succeed in any environment imaginable. I combine this personal journey with over 70 + years of UDT/Navy SEAL operations, training and elite performance doctrine. My reality and belief is that everyone, no matter if they’re a Navy SEAL or an average Joe,, possesses a fire that burns within their gut and when properly stoked, that fire can burn bright enough to motivate any individual or team to accomplish greatness in their lives. I’ve seen this reality around the world over and over again. The truth of what I’ve experienced is that if people learn to Embrace Fear, Forge Self-Confidence, Live with Purpose and Live The Team Life, they can’t fail. For the past 8 years I have been helping people to apply Froglogic in their lives. I’ve reached over 2 million people around the world with my training concepts and the response has been miraculous. My simple, easy to use training platform helps people of all types and ages keep that fire in their gut burning like the sun. It’s time for you to begin embracing your fears by using Froglogic.

Last week I introduced Mission 1: Search for the Truth in our Embrace Fear motivational training series. This week it’s time to move forward in your training and introduce Mission 2: Accept Your Reality. Once again there are 4 steps to follow when beginning to accept your reality of fear. The time is right because you’ve now defined the truth of your fear, which ultimately helps you begin to understand fear as it should be understood in your life. It’s amazing how when we clarify certain problems in our lives, they become infinitely easier to handle. In Mission 2 it’s critical to begin to live with your fears as a positive influence instead of constantly trying to alter the negative reality of it in your life. Apply these 4 steps as you begin to accept your reality and watch your ability to embrace fear grow tremendously.

Step 1: It Is What It Is

I know what you’re thinking, “I hate this saying!” And halt trooper. Don’t get all bent out of shape. This is a great saying that’s been helping people cope with very real fear for a long time. Your brain plays tricks on you all the time. The greatest trick is when your brain allows you to believe you’re afraid of something when you don’t have any practical or real experience dealing with said fear. That’s why it’s important to convince ourselves that our existing realty isn’t anything other than what it actually is. This saying grounds you in your ability to qualify fear and keep a bad situation in check.

One of greatest stories I ever heard about someone using this saying to embrace the truth and reality of fear comes from my best friend’s mother. A few years ago the whole family was on vacation when their mother began feeling ill. She was a nurse of 30+ years who had just retired from helping people her entire adult life. She and her husband left the vacation early and reported to the Hospital were she worked for decades. Within a few days she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Her cancer was extremely aggressive and within a few months she was bedridden. Even though she was an incredibly strong-willed woman, her illness proved to be too much. She passed away a short four months later. The lesson her son, my best friend, shared with me after her passing was that his mother just kept saying, “It is what it is.” This simple verse ultimately helped her to put her own mortality into perspective and offer guidance to her wonderful family.

Don’t ever be afraid to use this saying when you are searching for some guidance in understanding why your fears are present in your life. So many things are out of our control and rightly so. We live in a world with over 7 billion people interacting with one another. Sometimes the environment that you live in serves up a big dose of negativity and issues quite a challenge to you. If you want to embrace the reality of your fears, then you must be able to put them into perspective. It is what it is.

Step 2: You’re Not Alone

The absolutely most incredible reality about fear is the fact that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We all have fear. It’s a part of everyone. Think about how amazing that is. We are literally unified by this gift from God. Traditionally the presence of fear separates us because we want to hide our fears from those we interact with during our daily operations. Wrong. It’s time to connect with your teammates and link your fears together. Allow yourself to share your secrets and create a bond of trust using the very things that typically keep us divided. Flip the Negative Insurgency on its head by forging strength among your swim buddies and using a positive supportive attitude to help each other out in times of crisis.

Internalizing your fears only gives them energy. When we isolate ourselves from others and attempt to rationalize our fears without external context, we lose perspective of our reality. Case study after case study shows that isolation leads to a worsening of negative behavioral patterns.  We are creatures designed to flourish together, especially when it comes to the things that inhibit us most, our fears. Find your support group and create a team specifically devoted to helping each other to embrace fear. Within a matter of weeks your ability to weather the storm of fear will improve and begin to prepare you to turn your fear into an awesome piece of tactical emotional gear. Share the burden and the beauty of your fear with someone you love.

Step 3: Define Your Purpose

Now that you’ve put the reality of your fear into the right mental context, you can begin to release yourself from its grip. Liberating yourself from fear creates positive space in your mind to begin work on defining your purpose. Ask yourself, what is my purpose? Another heavy question, I know, but a critical component to using Froglogic in your life. Purpose is the ultimate navigational tool we can use when exploring our own human condition. Purpose propels us into a state of momentum that fosters an experiential learning process that helps us to feel relevant among all of humanity. This is essential if you want to have a meaningful and happy life. Purpose is the reason for embracing your fear. To achieve your purpose.

This is a serious challenge to most people. I get hundreds of emails, texts and IM’s each month from followers on the Internet basically asking me how to find their purpose. My typical response is, what have you always dreamed of doing? Simple enough, right? Because of life’s grind many people have forgotten the importance of dreaming in their lives and left their dreams behind. This is devastating to the soul. It drains us of the intestinal fortitude we need to combat our fears. I have gone after many dreams in my life. Some I’ve achieved and some I’ve failed miserably at. No matter what the outcome, by chasing my dreams I always have purpose. The beauty of dreams is that it fills us with the faith that anything is possible. As long as we are willing to put forth a tremendous effort to succeed in the face of all our fears, our dreams can become reality and we can live with purpose.

Stay tuned on this topic. This is another one of the four main Froglogic Concepts and one of my best speeches. I’ve already begun working on developing the next series of motivational training videos titled “Live With Purpose.” Look for it this winter. HOOYAH

Step 4: Recruit Your Team

Now you should be feeling fired up. Ready to accept your new reality of fear and poised to begin living a life of purpose. Good, you should be. There is one more thing you need to do for Embrace Fear – Mission 2: Accept Your Reality, and that’s to recruit your team. It’s time to actually have an honest and sincere discussion with those teammates you trust most and ask them to become of a part of your life in such a way that open discussions about fear are a recurring theme in your group interaction. Build your fear circle and create a sanctity of support to address the ever evolving reality of fear in your lives. This group should have intimate experience with fear and be willing to invest themselves in order to help each other embrace fear in every aspect of their lives.

This group needs to interact regularly to gain trust and grow faithful to each other. Your team should conduct regular training that specifically deals with fear in the physical, mental and spiritual states. Go work out together. Read amazing books about perseverance and discuss them with each other. Pray together and offer loving support every day. Don’t just be there when the times are bad. We are prideful creatures and it’s intuitive to regress during these times. That’s why regular training is essential to generate positive behavior and a sense of eternal commitment that turns fear into an asset. Begin recruiting your team today. Don’t be afraid.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my latest blog. This is the third Navy SEAL Blog entry in the Embrace Fears series. I hope you are willing to accept your missions and begin changing your life immediately. I’m so honored to be able to continue my service by helping the greater good realize that fear isn’t something to defeat you, but instead a powerful part of your existence that when harnessed correctly can help you to achieve your dreams and live with purpose. Please help me spread the Froglogic message by sharing this blog and all the other entries, along with our Embrace Fear videos on our YouTube channel. Join me and the rest of the team on all the social media sites as we deliver “Motivational Media That Matters,” God bless.


Sincerely Serving You,

David Rutherford

Owner/ Creator

Froglogic Concepts LLC

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