HOOYAH Team. I hope everyone is totally fired up about the Embrace Fear motivational training series so far. Over the last four weeks I’ve introduced you to the Froglogic Concept of embracing your fears as a positive way to achieve your dreams and live with purpose. Froglogic is a motivational training program derived from my 20 years of exploring the human condition. I combine my discoveries on how we succeed in every environment imaginable with over 70+ years of UDT Navy SEAL operations, training principles and elite human performance capabilities. My training platform has been tested and proven during my experiences as a Navy SEAL medic, instructor and operator as well as an international training specialist and security expert for the past 19 years. I’ve taken these experiences and turned them into a simple, easy to use, mission oriented behavioral enhancement program to help you succeed in ever aspect of your life.

How does one go about retaining their brain in order to begin embracing fear? This can be an incredibly difficult process because most people have developed such a profound adversity towards openly addressing fear, let alone trying to change their behavior with it. It’s critical to always remember that we are biologically wired for fear and literally it is taught to us along every step of our cognitive development. It is what it is. Hopefully by now you’ve willingly begun to accept your previous missions in our series and the truth of your fear has been clearly defined and you can accept the reality of fear in your life. So much of the combat of life is recognizing your limitations and allowing our failures to inspire us to alter our tactics and change our behavior. The Negative Insurgency is constantly evolving and so should you.

In Mission 3: Retrain Your Brain, I want you to understand that the hard part is about to begin. I know it wasn’t easy during the inventory and discovery process of the first two missions, but you need to stay fired up because your serious growth is just over the horizon. Here’s the deal: you must submit to the training. That’s right, it’s time to tap out and use Froglogic to help change your behavior. In BUDS, or Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL School, the entire program is designed to force submission of the student’s physical, mental and spiritual self. Everything I brought with me to BUDS, my past and all my life experiences, needed to be suspended from actively playing a role in my conscious decision-making process. Every thought that wasn’t 100% focused on my mission was a distraction. When I was in the most physical and psychological pain, my negative thoughts were the worst because I was exhausted and allowed my brain to think negatively. When I concentrated on the exact order I was given in the exact moment it was given, I succeeded. Think about your life: when you’re getting hammered by the combat of life, how often does negative speak enter into your thoughts? 10 times a day? 100 times a day? This debilitating action is the result of your perceived fears taking over the positive vision of your potential future. That’s why the right training program can and will change your life if you are willing to submit to the concepts. Easy Day.

Step 1: Set A New Standard

Ask yourself, what is your standard of success? How do you specifically quantify your ability to achieve your dreams? Standards are essential when trying to retrain your brain. They act as a benchmark for your training efforts. Take a long look at the existing way you conduct yourself during your daily routine. Are you pleased with your efforts? Chances are you aren’t. Guess what, neither am I. Every day I strive to be a little bit better. I’m extremely lucky to have been a part of one of the most elite commando units on the planet, so through years and years of forging situational awareness and a never-ending regimen of testing my physical, mental and spiritual self, I’ve learned that I must never stop reassessing my standards. This comes from my submitting to the SEAL program and emotionally accepting that our training doctrine was validated on the battlefields around the world and with the blood of my brothers. This is my standard. Is it time to establish yours?

Your external environment is constantly applying pressure against your personal and professional momentum. The traction you gain from training is eventually going to be tested. Think about all the various factors in your life that play a role in how you perceive the world around you. As you interact with your family, friends, teammates, co-workers, acquaintances, strangers, horrible drivers and crazy nut jobs, you are forced to reassess your standards of how the human species interacts with one another. This is a positive thing, unless you begin to lower your standards to meet the general status quo, thereby reducing the amount of pressure you feel to maintain an elevated training regimen or standard of living. In essence you are submitting, but in the wrong direction. Hold true to your moral compass and training regimen and live by a higher standard.

Step 2: Get Discipline

Ha! How many times have you told yourself this was the week to get disciplined and after three days of trying to get up at 0 dark thirty to PT, you ditched your effort on the fourth day. Perhaps it was with your diet or your commitment at work that ultimately fell flat on its face. Why? Because having discipline sucks. Pure and simple. It’s painful in every way….at first. However, once you submit to living a disciplined life and can actually see the behavioral results (90 – 120 days for the average person). you will ascertain a level of comfort within your discomfort. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been miserably cold, wet and sandy. Eventually, I learned to love the intensity of the suck. That’s the point. To reach a place through steadfast determination where fear no longer represents the excuse but instead becomes the positive challenge that invigorates you to embrace the suck.

Begin by working up a detailed schedule of training evolutions that focus on your physical, mental and spiritual development. Spread these out across the whole week. Break down each day into 10 minutes increments and apply pressure to yourself to train. Don’t allow a single day to pass where you don’t spend some time becoming better. Here’s the kicker to this evolution: give your schedule to all of your close swim buddies and teammates. Recruit your team to hold you accountable to the discipline you strive to obtain. HOOYAH

Step 3: Learn To Fail

Guess what? You’re gonna fail. Over and over again. It’s the greatest part of training and life. Once again this beautiful gift is most often oppressed by those who can’t bear the feeling. The fear of failure is much too great a burden to bear. Ever wonder why? Because people spend so much time positioning themselves in a safe place that the likelihood of them actively pursuing failure is almost nil. It’s counter-intuitive to our self-preservation and desire to succeed by the easiest means possible. I raise the BS flag on that old school concept. In SEAL Training, at every level the expectation of failure is always present. We push ourselves to fail independently and as a unit. Why you ask? Because we need to understand what we can and can’t do on the battlefield when the bullets are flying at us. Now this doesn’t mean we act foolishly or conduct unsafe training, but we want to push the envelope as much as possible. A phenomenal quote that sums this up is, “The more we sweat in training the less we bleed in war.”  This ultimately gives us tremendous confidence knowing that we are training harder than the enemy is training. Remember, the negative insurgency is coming after you right now! Your next engagement is right around the corner. Are you ready?

Failing also helps us cope with the truth of our fears. When you engage something, someone or some dream and things don’t go your way, the truth of your ability becomes reality. This holds us accountable to the effort you made. Typically after one or two significant defeats, most throw in the towel. The truth hurts. It’s time to use this pain as a positive influence towards learning to embrace your fears. What choice do you have? The truth is, life is hard. And it doesn’t get any easier the more you run from failure. Teach yourself to fail every day and watch your fear grow into a powerful source of energy to help you achieve your dreams.

Step 4: Seek Guidance

Who do you love? Why do you love them? Because they provide you with an endless source of physical, mental and spiritual reinforcement and education, these teammates are essential in learning to embrace fear. Don’t be afraid to seek their open, direct and loving guidance. Never forget you can’t do this alone. Period. We need guidance in every aspect of our lives. Be open to hard criticism, too. I seek guidance all the time from those who fully understand the power of training and its ability to change human behavior. These are men and women whose faith in themselves is strong enough to share their massive failures as well as their immeasurable successes. They’ve endured the combat of life and want to share it in order to help me evolve in my eternal quest of serving the greater good. Open your heart and accept the truth of your fears and request help from those who love you most.

If you don’t have a swim buddy or teammate, then get disciplined and go find one. Make this your primary mission in life to connect meaningfully with someone who can share your passion and assist in your quest. Without this person or persons, you won’t and you can’t embrace fear. We simply aren’t that strong as human beings to resist the negative insurgency day in and day out. We need a team. Your team is out there waiting for you to find them. Never Quit. Embrace your fears.

Your Swim Buddy,

David Rutherford


Froglogic Concepts LLC

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  1. Comment by Dylan Lopez

    Dylan Lopez July 24, 2014 at 10:28 am

    Awesome. Pure and simple truth, designed to help forge our being and put us on the path of serving the greater good. This is food for thought, soul, and resolve. This Team Froglogic Recruit will use this today as reminder to keep on rolling along and aggressively go after the negative insurgency. HOOYAH

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