When was the last time you said that today is the day you are going to test yourself? Was it so long ago that you’ve forgotten what it feels like? Has your fear overwhelmed your drive to understand your true limits? Then get in line with so many other people around the world. I know what you’re saying, “Instructor Rut, life is hard enough without having to willingly crush myself.” AND HALT! Life is too short and if you don’t crush yourself on a regular basis, how will you ever know what you are capable of accomplishing? We become slaves to our fears the further down the path of uncertainty we travel, not knowing what we’re made of and how far we can push our limits.

For 5 weeks I’ve been hammering you, trying to help you understand that it’s time you begin embracing your fears in life because no matter what you do, you’ll never be able to defeat them. We’re wired to have fear in our lives. Period. We are biologically programmed to react to fear in a very specific physiological way, and through a lifetime of learned behavior, we accept fear as a needed part of our survival mechanisms. I created Froglogic Concepts with the sole purpose of providing a motivational training platform that enables all human beings, male or female, young or old, focused or unfocused, to embrace their fears and succeed in any environment imaginable. When you apply the Froglogic missions in your life, you will strengthen your physical, mental and spiritual self. That’s what the Embrace Fear training series is all about. I am giving you, for free, the necessary tactics to effectively engage in the combat of life. You must recognize that the Negative Insurgency is always gaining ground in some aspect of your life. Whether it’s at work, in your relationships, in your fitness or attacking your dreams, the insurgency is always trying to wreak havoc in your life. If you don’t accept your Embrace Fear missions, then you will never succeed on the battlefield of life.

In the three preceding Embrace Fear Missions, I addressed some very simple ways of gaining an honest, real, cognitive approach to understanding your fears and how to begin wrapping your mind around them. In Mission 1: Search for the Truth, I asked you to take a mental inventory of all your fears and to gain a specific understanding of what you’re actually afraid of. In Mission 2: Accept Your Reality, I asked you to set aside illogical thoughts and false perceptions and begin owning the truth of your very real but tangible fears. For Mission 3: Retrain Your Brain, I began to force your hand a bit and required furtive action towards embracing your fears. Now it’s time for you to elevate your game even further. This week is Mission 4: Test Yourself. The ultimate life changer is here, when the ruck hits the road. There is no escaping the incredible transition that is about to take place in your life. HOOYAH

Step 1: Embrace The Suck

Why don’t we test ourselves more in life? Simple, because when we really extend ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually, IT SUCKS! The idea of the pain literally stops us from trying to improve. So many people think because they’re in the gym for an hour, or reading the latest SEAL Book and praying at the end of the day, that they’re pushing themselves. I want to know when was the last you puked from PT? When was the last time your committed yourself mentally to the point of exhaustion? How about sacrificing your time in order to serve others and then thanking God for the opportunity? Don’t answer. The reality is if you want to achieve your dreams, you need to embrace your fears and actively pursue the suck of training and life.

Embracing the Suck is when you know that it’s gonna be uncomfortable and yet you get fired up about that fact. When you’re completely immersed in the activity itself and you gain positive momentum as the evolution hammers you. In SEAL Training we reveled in the probability that we were going to experience a full extension of our limits by embracing the suck every single training day. We needed to have this approach because you never know what’s going to happen in combat. Ole Mr. Murphy is quietly plotting against you, waiting for you and your team to make a mistake. That’s why we test ourselves constantly. The combat of life is always coming. It never ends. Here’s the deal. Chances are when you first attempt this totally counterintuitive approach to training, you will mentally break a little. That’s why it’s critical to pursue your discomfort with the help of a swim buddy or teammate. There is nothing better than having someone laugh as you let rip a huge pile of vomit onto the Box floor. The same is true for you assisting your swim buddy when they are in the middle of getting punched by the suck. Together we can endure so much more in life.

Step 2: Destroy Your Comfort Zones

Comfort Zone Behavior (CZB) is learned emotional and cognitive behavior that human beings use to create physical, mental and spiritual boundaries in their life that protects and mitigates from feeling and thinking about logical and illogical fear.  Having CZB is essential in our lives because it creates opportunities to decompress and recover off the battlefield. However, when a person begins to prefer experiencing life in this state instead of a proactive state, then big problems arise. This false buffer actually intensifies the destructive nature of our fears. As someone ceases to experience discomfort, their ability to improve stalls.

How do you destroy your Comfort Zones? Easy day. Take all the activities that make you feel all warm and fuzzy and STOP doing them. Then actively pursue discomfort throughout your daily routine. One small, simple place to start is within your normal activities. Tomorrow morning when you wake up and take your morning shower, instead of a nice warm shower take a freezing cold shower. There is something totally miraculous that takes place when it comes to mixing human action with cold water. I learned this in the absolute extreme environment of BUDS. I literally spent the majority of every day in training being cold, wet and sandy. Once you reach the point where this simple evolution no longer makes you uncomfortable, then you’re ready to increase the discomfort.  Perhaps the next level for you would be to take the Froglogic Comfort Zone Challenge. This transformative challenge goes like this. Wake up and get ready for your workday like any other day. Once you’ve had your healthy breakfast and kissed the kids, proceed out to your back yard. Uncoil your hose and begin spraying down an area that has enough dirt to make a mud pit. Once the pit is created, insert your self, dress clothes and all, into the mud pit. Roll around like a crazed dog making sure to cover every orifice of your body and clothes with cold, wet mud. Now get up and get into your vehicle and drive to work. Work the whole day in this state. Don’t change your clothes. Don’t clean yourself or your workspace. Don’t make a thing out of it to your co-workers. Simply do it. Finish work and return home. Easy Day. Destroy your comfort zones.

Step 3: Compete With Your Teammates

Competition is great. When is the last time you actually competed against other people, where there was a discernable winner and loser? It’s been a long time I bet. Unfortunately the more thrashings we take in life, especially in competitive arenas, the greater likelihood we will run away from competition. This counterproductive behavior only intensifies our fears. The more you learn to compete in a healthy way, the greater ability you develop to embrace your fears. I’ve been competing my whole life. From as early as I can remember I’ve participated in organized competitions from Pop Warner Football, to collegiate Lacrosse, and most recently running the Great Wall of China Marathon. Competition fuels the soul. It tests how committed you are to the entire process of growing as a person. The hard work you put in prior, the total effort you make during, and the lessons you learn from your performance are all critical pieces towards learning how to succeed in every environment imaginable.

Navy SEALs are the most competitive people I’ve ever come across in my life. We compete in absolutely everything we do. There is never a moment when we aren’t testing our skills against a teammate. We compete in shooting. We compete physically in everything from CrossFit to ocean swims. No test of physical prowess goes unchecked. We compete in who can put together a better brief. Hell, we even compete in who can go the bathroom faster. It’s absolutely amazing how such an intense perpetual rivalry can develop such an intense bond among brothers. The Brotherhood requires this competitive spirit because it holds every operator accountable to his swim buddy, making sure that we never show up to battle unprepared to potentially sacrifice everything for the man next to us.

Get out there and compete. Sign up for something today. Whether it’s a 5k, Sprint Triathlon, Regional CrossFit Competition or Ultra Marathon, register for an event that forces you to wake up and subject yourself to an external evaluation that pulls back the shroud of fear. Enlighten your true capabilities in order to begin building yourself up to a new level physically, mentally and spiritually. Enlist your swim buddies, teammates and loved ones to push you out of your self-induced comfort zones and feel the burn and beauty of competition.

Step 4: Be Honest

Honesty is everything in our lives. The more we test ourselves with the truth of who we are and what we’re afraid of, the better chance we have at thriving in the combat of life. The Negative Insurgency lies constantly and attempts to recruit you with every lie you tell yourself about what you can’t do. Change your tactical mindset and welcome the truth into your life no matter how much it initially stings your pride and ignites your fear. Life is a test of your personal commitment to yourself. Your willingness to accept your God-given gifts and use them to your greatest ability. Without testing ourselves we can never know how significant those gifts might be. Without testing ourselves we can never know what we really need to work on.

Listen up team, and hear yourself say this in your mind: “I want to achieve my dreams. I want to live with purpose. I need to test myself every day. I accept failure as a gift to help me grow physically, mentally and spiritually. I will embrace my fears. I will honestly use Froglogic to serve my family, my swim buddy, my teammates and finally to serve the greater good of the human condition.” That’s awesome. That’s honesty. Now you have to act upon your positive truthful statements. Get out there and live an honest life. HOOYAH


Thank you so much for reading my latest blog in the Embrace Fear motivational training series. I hope this helps you to live life to its fullest. I am honored to be able to share with you my discoveries about how human beings succeed in the face of life’s Negative Insurgency. We must all work together and be committed to living the Team Life. We must never quit on each other. We must get a little bit better every day. God bless you.



Your Swim Buddy,

David Rutherford

Owner/ Creator

Froglogic Concepts

“Motivational Media That Matters”

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    Slegrande August 1, 2014 at 6:37 am

    This was a fantastic blog. I’ve followed you for the last few weeks. I am embracing the uncomfortable today. I won’t dread the Box today. I am the last one finished. But, I finish. But, today I shall embrace the uncomfortable. HOOYAH!!!!

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