Embracing your fears is absolutely essential in your life. It’s the only way you stand a chance in the perpetual fight against the Negative Insurgency. Life is hard. The positive soul is constantly under attack. Forces beyond our control are waging an endless war against your ability to remain driven and focused on becoming the best human being you can be while serving the greater good. The truth is that nothing great in life is ever achieved without considerable sacrifice, hard work and profound failure. If life were easy, there would be no reason for you to read this blog. There would be no reason for you to search for the truth about the human condition. You could just live peacefully, caressing the moments of your existence with blind disregard for the objective biology and psychology of fear that is very much a part of who you are. You can’t do that. I want to help you. I want to help you find the courage to embrace fear.

I’ve been exploring the vastness of the human condition for the past 20 years, diligently searching for the truths that enable us to succeed in any environment imaginable. This journey has been remarkable. I’ve been so blessed through divine inspiration to realize early on that I knew so little about what it takes to live life to its fullest. Fortunately, because of my intense fear of failure as a young college lacrosse player, I discovered the destructive power of fear. Losing my dream thrust me into the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels for my 4 years in school. I literally drowned my self-confidence and did everything I could do to abandon my team. Fear doesn’t care what you feed it as long as it receives negative fuel in any form. I fed mine chaos, depression and cowardice. As a result, the Negative Insurgency withered my sense of purpose and extinguished the fire in my gut. During a random day at the laundry mat staring with blank expectations, I looked deep into the washing machine and saw nothing. Nothing of my soul. Nothing of my future. Nothing of my courage. I was lost and afraid. Or so I thought. In a moment of clarity, in an epiphany of epic proportion, the light washed away the filth of my fears. The fire in my gut felt the fuel of faith and changed my life forever.

In the time that has passed since that pivotal day, I’ve traveled around the world and seen and experienced the human condition in almost every possible state. First, my journey took me through one of the toughest forging processes that humanity has ever known, Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training. It took 15 months to rid myself of all the known and unknown limits I thought I once had. With each passing hammer I submitted a little bit more the eternal ethos of the Warrior Poet, giving all that I am to the grace and power of the Brotherhood. This program changed my physical, mental and ultimately my spiritual being forever. For the next 17 years I continued the journey, following my dreams, sometimes down the wrong road, but mostly following the righteous path towards true discovery. As a SEAL Medic, Tactical Training Specialist, Government Protection Expert and dedicated teammate, I’ve been constantly inspired by the paramount courage of my brothers to forge my commitment towards living the Team Life. Serving the greater good has granted me insight into the power of team that most people seldom experience. During my second trip to Afghanistan I was blessed with another massive epiphany to change my mission in life. I was called to action. I was called to change course and devote my life to helping kids discover the power of motivation in order to forge their self-confidence. This gift initiated a chain reaction within my soul that gave me true purpose in life. For the past 8 years I have been living a dream as a top motivational speaker, author, life coach, YouTube personality, radio show host and social media inspiration. Living with purpose had taught me the absolute power that lies within us all. We each possess the fire in our guts. The challenge is learning to embrace your fears and then translating this amazing skill set into the fuel that fires your courage.

You don’t need to be a Navy SEAL or motivational speaker to survive the combat of life. You just need to be courageous. Willing to live your life out loud. To take risk and use the gifts God has given you. To wake up each day and welcome adversity, test your limits and seek failure. Embracing your fears is not easy or comfortable or a joyous thing to do. But it’s something you must do. For the past 6 weeks I’ve given you a clear outline to follow during Team Froglogic’s Embrace Fear motivational training series. We finish this series with the greatest mission of all. Mission 5: Live With Courage is your final mission in the series. Living life is hard enough, I know, without being courageous. I’ve been there and experienced so many painful physical, mental and spiritual moments. However, I will never quit. I will embrace my fears forever and live with courage until I fail. And then my team will have the courage to pick me up, dust me off and get me ready to fight again. Together we will do more than just live. We will live with courage.

Step 1 – Strengthen Your Faith
Do you have faith? What is faith? It’s that glorious, soulful feeling that you can’t quite wrap your mind around but you definitely know it’s real. That moment of warmth that fills your heart when you think about God, your children, your swim buddy, and all those who have helped you succeed in life. Believing with every inch of your body that it’s gonna work out, that they’re gonna be there, and that you can do it. Faith is a true gift, but more importantly, it’s a piece of emotional gear that helps you to persevere.

Now, more than ever, faith is under assault. Too many people want to join forces with the Negative Insurgency and convince you that faith doesn’t exist. They want you to abandon your team because of some subjective argument that attempts to academically discredit faith as an illusion of the mind. Why? Because they don’t have faith? Because they don’t want you to have faith? Because they’re afraid to believe in something that can’t be minimized by their negativity? Combat is the scariest place on earth that humans willingly pursue for each other. In the SEAL Teams it was my duty to work as hard as I could, embracing my fears through elite training and serving my brothers with a total commitment to them and the mission. This monumental effort we make for each other warrants a level of faith that has been tested for the past 70 years in every major war, conflict and engagement our unit and country has been involved in. I have all the faith in the world and beyond that my teammates will never let me down on the battlefield. It’s faith in each other that drives us to achieve what others are afraid to try.

Every day I strengthen my faith so that my commitment to those whom I love most intensifies as I learn to embrace my fears. I pray constantly that God provides me with His eternal grace and keeps the faith in my gut burning bright. I work hard on forging my faith so when I am called into action I am ready for the fight. How strong is your faith?

Step 2 – Stand Up For Your Beliefs
It’s very important to believe in something. To have a moral compass that guides your behavior as you try to navigate the troubled waters and oceans of fear that blow steady against our belief systems. When was the last time you asked yourself what you stand for? We’re faced with this question every day of our lives. The answer lies in your speech, your job, your friends, and most importantly, your actions. Take today, for example. Were you confronted with a question about someone else’s lack of morality? All you need to do is watch the news or surf the net to find an endless stream of lackluster beliefs. If you felt this uncomfortable jolt at all, it should have propelled you into courageous action. If you didn’t act, then ask yourself why?

It’s dangerous standing up for your beliefs in today’s world. That’s the great irony. At every stage of our development we’re taught to embrace this false truth of society. The fact is that when you do stand up for what you believe in, most likely you’re gonna get hammered. We each believe in something a little different from the next. This slight variation compounds itself the more we interact with different types of people. Especially when confronted with highly volatile issue like religion, politics and family differences. In my mind this is what makes life so exciting. To have the opportunity to educate yourself thoroughly, devise an intelligent opinion and convert it into your core beliefs. Nothing better than experiencing life in as many different lights as possible, but critical to hold true to what you know is right vs. wrong. Once you discover your truths, stand firm and never back down.

Step 3 – Iron Sharpens Iron
This step is simple. You are who you hang out with. If you want to embrace your fears and live life to its fullest by serving the greater good, then don’t hang out with idiots. Selfish, narcissistic, destructive, negative people are guaranteed to bring you down. Period. If you want to grow and become better then you need to recruit and surround yourself with the best people you can find. Hang out with courageous individuals and teams that embrace fear and live with purpose. Remember, nobody’s perfect and we all fail at some point. The trick is to find someone who spends more time bettering themselves to serve others instead of serving themselves. The ideal swim buddy gives you as much as you give them. Together you should faithfully serve each other in order to have a positive impact on both your worlds. Easy day.

Step 4 – Lead With Love
Fear is the second most powerful piece of cognitive and emotional gear you were issued by God. The first is love. Love is the greatest tactical weapon on the planet. Think about the sheer magnitude of what love has produced in the totality of human existence. It’s beyond my comprehension. What I do understand is what love has done in my life. Love has given me the eminence of hope. Love has given me the power to believe. Love has given me strength to never quit. Love has given me infinite happiness. Hopefully you have felt this type of love, too. The perfect thing about love is that we can all love. There is nothing that can eradicate love from your soul. Yes, there are traumatic events in life that force humans to question whether it’s possible that we can lose love. However, in the totality of my exploration I have never seen or heard of love being totally stripped out of someone’s life. We are built for it. It’s a part of us.

It’s time you begin to live with courage and lead with your love. Use this gift to help your loved ones be better. Use your love to help new teammates or perhaps someone you’ve never met before. Give it freely to those who deserve it. Never forget to protect your love because it’s precious. The Negative Insurgency wants you to question you and what you love in life. This evil would like nothing better than for you to succumb to your fears and push your ability to love deep within the darkness of hate. It is not easy leading with love. It takes tremendous commitment and courage to remain faithful, standing up for what you believe in, constantly sharpening your swim buddies’ focus and leading others by openly sharing your love. Now go love.

Your Swim Buddy,
David Rutherford
Owner/ Creator – Froglogic Concepts
“Motivational Media That Matters”

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