Fear cannot be denied. It’s a part of us all. Therefore we must learn to embrace our fears to use them as a beneficial piece of emotional gear. The challenge rests in wanting to understand something that plays such a huge role in your insecurities. This counterintuitive action sends waves of anxiety through every relevant portion of your existence, the physical, mental and spiritual self.  That’s why I’ve created Froglogic Concepts. Froglogic is a training program based on my motivational philosophy. I’ve spent the last 20 years exploring the human condition in every environment imaginable. I’ve experienced and witnessed human beings in every state. As a Navy SEAL Medic, International Security Expert, Top Motivational Speaker, Radio Show Host and Performance Coach, I’ve been blessed with an intimate understanding of fear and how it affects our lives. That’s why it’s my mission to serve the greater good in their effort to help others in need to embrace their fears and live with purpose.

There are 5 Missions in learning how to Embrace Fear in your life. The first mission you must accept in your quest is Mission 1: Search for the Truth. My search has literally taken me around the world. From the mountains of Afghanistan as an Operator, to the mountains of North Carolina as a minister marrying my friends, I’ve seen the truth of fear weave itself into the souls of the unprepared and untrained. From the chaotic ERs of New York City as a paramedic to the shores of Haiti doing missionary work, I’ve seen fear contort perception and stifle hope when people desperately need to be strong. The fact is that fear is a powerfully negative force in your life and the truth of your fear constantly changes. With each and every lesson learned you’re exposed to the reality that fear can deprive you of a positive experience if you choose to let it happen. That’s why it is imperative that you perpetually search for and define what fear means to you. Here is how you do that.

Step 1: List All Your Fears

Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and list everything you can think of that generates a sense of fear in you. Initially you shouldn’t try to qualify or quantify your fears in any particular order. Allow your stream of focused consciousness to take over and simply write them down. For instance if the word “Failing” pops into your mind write it down. If the words “Public Speaking” pop into your mind write them down. When you’re first starting you don’t need to fully explain your fears at all. Generate a healthy list of past, present, and future fears that play a role in your life physically, mentally and spiritually. If this list takes you a few days so be it. Search into the darkest corners of your mind and life and shed light on them to fully begin to understand the truth about fear in your life.

After your initial list has been composed, take a few days off and do something that really gets you fired up to be alive. I love PTing. Being physically fit is the foundation of truth in my life. When I’m fit my self-confidence is totally dialed in and I’m ready to take on the negative insurgency of life. Do something that gives you pleasure and helps you feel good about yourself. When you’re feeling great then it’s time to revisit your fears’ list. Go back and read each entry you made. Allow yourself to become vulnerable again. Many times in our lives the truth only comes out when we reach that place of openness. Now, take your pen and begin to fill a brief description about each fear you’ve listed. This doesn’t have to be a thesis or White Paper in length…just enough to understand a few concepts about the specific fear entry. When did it start? What triggers it? How do you deal with it now? How would you rank it on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the thing you are most afraid of in life. These details will begin to help you understand your fears and ultimately begin to help you embrace them.

Step 2: Pay Attention to the Details

After you’ve completed the process of listing your fears, now it’s time to start getting into the weeds or details of your fear. That’s because the details of life matter more than most people care to admit. It’s the details that help us make good decisions or bad decisions. These decisions enhance or inhibit your ability to succeed in all environments. During my time in the SEAL Teams, our adherence to the details determined whether or not we lived or died. We scrutinized everything. No detail was too small. Paying such close attention to the details ensured our confidence in each other and our ability to complete the mission no matter what challenge we faced during training or combat.

You should think about the details of your fear as logical or illogical. Logical behavior is what you should always aspire to act upon. Illogical behavior is a death sentence to your ability to accomplish great things in life. I try to think about the details of my actions as they will affect my family, friends, teammates and the millions of people around the world who’ve embraced Froglogic. Especially when fear rears its nasty head during the middle of a critical opportunity for me to help others. Remember, fear is always with us, so thinking that your can ignore, defeat or erase fear from your life is illogical. So, now’s the time when you should start paying close attention to the entirety of your experiential environment. That’s thinking about how you behave during your daily life with a focused and truthful meticulousness.

Establish a situational awareness (SA) that encompasses a 360-degree perception of your reality. A heightened sense self as you relate to your environment and your environment relates to you. Ignoring this relationship intensifies fear because as a human being our brains are programmed for survival. So when we’re caught off guard, the “fight or flight” response naturally kicks in and overwhelms our ability to think clearly and logically. Famous author, Dr. Daniel Goleman, describes a similar awareness in his award-winning book entitled Emotional Intelligence. Most experts believe that the closer attention we pay to ourselves and our behavior, the greater ability we have to navigate the tough times in life. This awareness can make some people feel a great deal of fear by itself. Don’t sweat it. The more and more you condition yourself to improve your SA, the greater your ability to pay attention to the details of who, what, where, when, why and how your fear is playing a positive or negative role in your life.

Step 3: Gather Real Intelligence

The next step in Mission 1: Search for the Truth is gathering real intelligence about fear. Let’s break this down a little bit. I’m sure you’re wondering what “real intel” is and where one would find it. So often when we hear the word intel we automatically think about the CIA or NSA. This is when you need to admit you’ve watched one too many Jason Bourne movies or read too many news stories about Mr. Snowden. When you’re committed to using Froglogic, it’s critical to remember that the greatest source of influence comes from your team. Real Intel within the context of using the Froglogic Concepts is defined as a vetted, honest, real-life source of streaming information that can be accessed at a moment’s notice and turned into positive influence for action. This source is from a HUMAN BEING! The best intel comes from the people we trust and love most. The teammates who have experienced various and substantial types of fear throughout their lives and are willing to share their fears in order to serve us and others.

Gathering this Real Intel can be difficult at times because we’re so programmed not to share with others what we’re truly afraid of in life. The Negative Insurgency has permeated its way so deeply into our culture and society that from an early age our illogical perception of judgment inhibits our desire to seek help when dealing with fear. This reality has diminished the requirement of Mentoring in most peoples’ lives. For eons mentors have played huge roles in helping members of the tribe learn to embrace their fears. Nowadays we use the anonymity and unchallenging information of the Internet to act as mentor. This will not suffice. Discovering real intel or truth about fear comes from constant positive and sometimes negative interaction with teammates your can trust.

Step 4: Ask a Swim Buddy

Okay, the truth about your fears will become much clearer after completing the first three steps in Embrace Fear – Mission 1. By listing your fears, paying attention to the details and by gathering real intelligence from trustworthy teammates and mentors, you’re ready to begin holding yourself accountable to these truths. Because we can’t do this ourselves it’s time to ask your Swim Buddy to help keep your fears in check. A swim buddy is the person in your life that wants you to succeed as much as you want them to succeed. It’s the person who picks you up each time after the negative Insurgency knocks you down in the combat of life. It’s the person who loves you no matter how bad your fear plays a role in your behavior. In the SEAL Teams a swim buddy is someone who is willing to die for you….and you for them. We achieve mission success in the most difficult operational environments on the planet because of this Swim Buddy justice. We hold each other accountable to actions that promote the success of the mission first, the team second, family third, and everything else after that. In doing so we learn to embrace our fear so it becomes an honest asset instead of an illogical hindrance.

This style of living is not easy. I hope you understand this very real truth about fear. None of this process is easy. You know the deal, nothing great in life comes easy. That’s why one of the greatest SEAL Team mottos is “The only easy day was yesterday.” We know this truth after 70 plus years of sacrifice and embracing fear at the highest level. We learned these lessons on the battlefields of every major conflict or war since WWII. We master these truths by conducting high risk training in the most arduous conditions as close to reality as possible. We perpetually pursue the perfection of focused and determined action within our professional and personal lives together as one lifestyle. You can do this too, if you’re willing to allow your swim buddy to hold you accountable to an ethos driven by the Warrior Poet spirit of service. Search for the truth of your fears and welcome your team’s ability to help you embrace your fears. HOOYAH


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I hope using Froglogic will help you explore the human condition in your life and give you the tools needed to succeed in any environment imaginable. Please stay tuned for more in the Embrace Fear motivational training series from Team Froglogic. Listen to Navy SEAL Radio this weekend as I cover these concepts in depth and welcome another Navy SEAL to help gain more significant insight on how Navy SEALs learn to Embrace Fear. HOOYAH

Your New Swim Buddy

David Rutherford


Froglogic Concepts LLC



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    Hance Jessel Hinerman Jr. July 12, 2014 at 5:07 am

    Thank you sir for the motivation and knowledge that you give us all, it really means a lot and is very helpful in my life! It is very much appreciated.

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    Igor August 12, 2014 at 7:14 am

    I am really thankfull for your work and I admire you.You have helped me alot,but I also have one questio.Do I have your permission to translate this and share it on to my facebook page,to help others? Have a great day! HoaaaaaaH

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