I hear the rumble
I hear the groan,
the ship is tossing
the young men moan,

Whistles sound off
but not in cheer,
the chilling snap
whizzed past my ear,

Then the gates go down
and down they go,
up over the side
tip toe to the shallows,

The salt and metal
it coats my tongue,
their eyes are blank
they can not run,

I shrink myself
while my thoughts explode,
when all of a sudden
his bars and Colt grow bold,

He’s found his courage
and looks to me,
one is none
together we will be free,

The sand is soft
our feet are heavy,
their guns are blazing
the waiting defilade is ready,

Only one place left
into the face of fear we flow,
up the hill we charge
he’s waiting for us we know,

Our screams our passion
our faith will last,
Honor our armor
This too shall pass,

In a flash it’s done
quietly he lies beneath his gun,
it was them or us
Freedom has won.

This memory will never die
So too the thoughts of my brothers lives,
as I sit and scan the freedom tides
Blessed by never having to wonder why.

The Poet Warrior

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  1. Comment by don

    don June 7, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    how can I or we ever pay for what “they” did, freedom today in the USA is almost a thing in the past with the mind set of people living a nothing life and thinking they will always have Freedom with out standing up for what is Right and Wrong

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