Hey Team,
Here’s an awesome article. There are less homeless people on the streets since 2002. A remarkable decline over the past 11 years due in large part from the initiative of two  people, George W. Bush and his homeless policy czar, Philip Mangano. These men spear headed an epidemic that had gripped America for decades. I know every time I walk past someone living on the street, or begging on the side of the road I can’t help but wonder if there is any place for them to go. On many occasions I will give them a couple bucks and give thanks for being blessed with a roof over my head and a steady job. All of these people have a story as to why they’re on the street. I’m sure many are afflicted with personality disorders but many are simply reeling from a long spell of really bad luck. The kind of luck that comes out of nowhere. The kind of luck that knocks you right on your butt. It feels good knowing there’s been a huge decrease in homelessness but I know there’re still a ton of people struggling on the streets. The next time you pass a homeless person by, stop and help them out. Then, give thanks and count your blessings. OOUUTT


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