In the modern media frenzy of pushing bad content we’re sometimes graced with a show that lifts us up, makes us laugh and allows us to feel the most powerful force in the universe, Love. The hit show Duck Dynasty on A&E is just that show. The show follows the hilarious antics of the Robertson’s, a southern, religious family that has made millions selling equipment that helps duck hunters call in and shoot ducks. I love this show. This humble, gracious wildly comedic family helps us all realize that by following our passions, having strong faith, and living life to the fullest, anyone can be successful. What’s makes the show so exceptional for me is the consistency with which these stars live their life on and off TV. Nothing better than influential people who walk the walk. I highly recommend you and your family tune in to this gem, even if you aren’t going to be shooting any ducks anytime soon. OOUUTT

It's all about Love

It’s all about Love


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