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On Monday the legendary folk singer Richie Havens died. This was the man who opened Woodstock, one of the greatest Rock concerts in history. The incredible thing about his performance was the length in which he played. He played for two hours. He literally played every song he knew and even making one up. His last song was “Freedom”. The amazing improvisation lifted the immense crowd to their feet and ignited the mood of the entire event. No matter what your politics are, we must always be open to the power of Freedom. This is what makes America great. I remember hearing this song for the first time when I was 13 and being in awe. How could someone just pull out of thin air a song so inspiring to shape a historic event? It’s because he believed in the power of Freedom. Take a moment and read this article and perhaps you might feel inspired to create a piece of art the helps fuel the fire of Freedom. Out




Richie Havens YouTube “Freedom”

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