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Incredible news in the brain scanning field. How many times have you asked someone on your team what they were feeling but they couldn’t give you a detailed description that you could understand? This happens all the time. I’ve dealt with this problem over and over again especially in the medical arena. Whenever I conduct an interview of a patient the real challenge is getting them to describe their pain in such a way that I can translate it into focused and effective treatment. As a behavioral training specialist this is even more challenging because it’s even more difficult for people to describe their physiological troubles in ways the allow me to recognize the underlying problem. The fact is that sometimes we just can’t put what’s going on with our bodies and brains into verbal perspective for others to follow. The key is not giving up and trying to figure it out. Don’t get frustrated with those you are trying to help. Be creative and open to new ways to communicate. Don’t give up on those who need help. The advances happening in brain imagining and scanning are truly remarkable. I pray that it won’t be long before we’ve mapped the brain and clearly understand what’s going on upstairs and how to best treat the problem.





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    Tomas April 12, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    This is very actual thing among us all. We are so powerful creatures, but sometimes, you just don’t know how to pass help to other huan being.

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