TBI Traumatic Brain InjuryWhat’s up Team? TBI or Traumatic Brain Injuries are silently killing our Soldiers, Sailers, Airmen and Marines. I can’t even begin to fathom how many of my brothers are suffering from this horrifically debilitating injury and don’t even know about it. I often wonder whether I’ve had one. A TBI occurs when an external force such as a car crash or gun shot to the head impacts the cranium and causes direct trauma  to the brain or causes the brain to bash back and forth against the skull wall. In the case of concussion or blast injuries the brain is affect as the blast waves rip through the microscopic spaces within the skull and brain. Imagine what it would feel like as 500 pound IED or Improvised Explosive Device detonated next to your SUV as you drove by it. The laws of partial pressure given to us through Charles Law, Dalton’s Law and Boyle’s Law demonstrate the critical need to maintain a homeostatic or stable internal environment within our body’s systems. Any type of trauma to our brain can have a serious impact on some or all of our cognitive capabilities. People who suffer from TBI injuries such as soldiers, football players, hockey players, race car drivers, Polo players, Horse jumpers, boxers and any other person who has had an external force impact their brain can have their lives altered forever with a host of debilitating complications. These complications include but are not limited to, coma’s, ataxia, post traumatic seizures, post traumatic epilepsy, loss of vision hearing and sight, hypopituitarism, memory loss, post concussion syndrome, dementia pugilistic, and Parkinsonism. The mental deficiencies associated with this injury are devastating as well. Most people with TBI injuries complain of symptoms such as PTSD, depression, mania, apathy, irritability, problems with social judgment, lack of initiative, uncontrolled anger, and impulsiveness. It is amazing to think that there are individuals out there who have served our country in the highest manner who are suffering from many of these signs and symptoms who don’t have any idea that they have a TBI, much less how to treat it. In many instances individuals are treating themselves with excessive alcohol and drug use. The Department of Defense has been slow to recognize the gravity of this reality. Over the last two years some advocates have generated some money flowing toward the research and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries. However, it seems like there is still something stalling the bureaucratic machine from getting the momentum needed to treat this tragic realty.
A month ago I had the incredible opportunity to reconnect with an old friend of mine and his father who are doing some revolutionary work in treating TBI. Ray and Travis Cralle from Delray Beach, Florida are helping to save our soldiers, athletes and children suffering from traumatic brain injuries. Ray has been a practicing physical therapist for 39 years. Since 1992 he has been conducting ground breaking treatment of TBI with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. Ray has clinical proof that by placing injured brains into a hyperbaric treatment chamber for a series of treatments or “dives” the pressurization and saturation of 100% oxygen heals the affected brain tissue and cells. There is profound evidence that this simple and non invasive treatment has had huge success in reversing the signs and symptoms in scores of people once suffering from TBI. If you or someone you know is suffering from any symptoms of TBI listed above or on a reputable medical website please check out Ray’s site at www.orrcahbo.com for possible information that might save you or your friends life. There is hope for us all so keep the faith. OOUUTT
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