Teen Suicide CDC Study 2011What’s up Team? I just came across another troubling article about kids in a recent study titled the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance. This study was conducted by the Center for Disease Control in 2011. The CDC wanted to check the prevalence of priority health risk behaviors that are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality among youth and adults. The study issued questionnaires around the country and an in every type of school environment, from public to private, suburban to urban. The results were taken from over 15,000 carefully inspected questionnaires that represented male and female white, black, and hispanic students. The study states that the leading causes of morbidity and mortality are related to six categories of health risk behavior: 1) behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence; 2) tobacco use; 3) alcohol and drug use; 4) sexual behavior that lead to untended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV); 5) unhealthy dietary behaviors; and 6) physical activity. The results that were the most troubling to me after reviewing the report were the statistics on the rise in teen activities relating suicide and violence. The shocking numbers are that 15.8% of all survey seriously considered attempting suicide and that 32.8% of students surveyed had been in a physical fight one or more times during that last 12 months. A close second were the stats showing that actual suicide attempts had risen from 6.3% in 2009 to 7.8% in 2011. There are many more troubling stats about drug use, physical activity and other behaviors that shouldn’t be as high as they are. What makes these statistics so troubling is not the lack of attention but instead the lack of actual boots on the ground trying to change these traits that lead to physical, mental and spiritual failure as these children become adults. What’s at steak? Every society depends on the successful cultivation of its youth, producing morally sound, driven, relatively happy people who lead productive healthy lifestyles that ultimately fuel of cohesive social ecosystem that deal with its constant problems not in terms of epidemics. The reality is, although we are in the most abundant, socially attuned, technologically advanced times in history we, the older generations are allowing our youth to turn the clock backwards. Its time to ask yourself what are you doing to mentor, teach, or provide education to the youth in your area? Now more than ever we need to put our kids before ourselves otherwise when these kids grow up they will not have the proper psychological and physical tools to effectively lead an increasingly complex world. If you don’t believe me just read the stats. OOUUT

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