The Warrior Poet David RutherfordHey Team. I have been doing a lot of research over the past few months about the different types treatments available for soldiers suffering from PTSD and TBI. As you might imagine there are many different theories on how to best help my fellow servicemen and women cope with these debilitating injuries. The most common form of help stems from traditional diagnose and treatment that include medication and psychological counseling. What I am finding in my research and from those suffering who are constantly reaching out to me online, that most hate taking drugs and have difficulty talking to shrinks who haven’t been on the battlefield. Individuals who’s emotional and cognitive acuity once saved their lives and the lives of their teammates do not perform better when their senses are dulled by excessive medication. The warrior spirit doesn’t bode well when its sharpened edge is dulled and then examined by someone who doesn’t understand the necessity of this mindset. It takes a tremendous amount of trust and commitment to penetrate the faith of a soldier. One of my mentors, my first platoon Chief Wally Graves has been helping soldiers and families cope for several years and has developed a remarkable concept that not only helps warriors recover but also begins to sharpen their spirits again. I came across this remarkable article that echoes part of Wally’s concept. At the Defense Centers for Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury doctors are now beginning to scientifically study the effects of Art as a form of treatment. The self-expression of a warrior is as old as war itself. There are countless pieces of art that have enabled soldiers to find some peace after the horrors of war have taken their toll. The human mind is the most powerful tool we have. It is imperative that we create balance in our lives if we hope to realize the true potential of our experiences. If you are having troubles dealing with your past, check out this article and these links to gain some critical insight and help inspire the need to create art and heal your soul. Out.
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