Hey Team. Fired up to share the Froglogic Goal Setting Outline with you. This outline for success is derived from similar Mission Planning criteria we use in the SEAL Teams. If you are struggling to find a simple but effective way to get your life going the right direction then this is a great place to start. It’s critical to set goals in our lives in order to achieve our dreams and realize our purpose. Without goals you will be at the mercy of other people and their objectives. Take responsibility for your own life and set a list of goals that give you a definitive direction to follow. HOOYAH! OOUUTT

The Froglogic Goal Setting Outline

I. Life Ops: Daily and Weekly Small Goals

A. Timeline of daily/weekly goals.
Quantify the main types of small goals you need to achieve each day in order to feel successful. This should include the mundane aspects of your life that help you live a squared away lifestyle.

B. Breakdown achievement process in detail.
List the details of how you succeed in each Op or small goal. Be specific and include teammates that help you, time frames for each event, and tools you might need to assist in completing your task efficiently.

C. Identify troubled areas.
What prevents you from achieving your goals? List the major problems or inhibiting factors that impede your success. For example, how much time you procrastinate or what types of things distract you. It could even be a recurring negative thought that always gets in your way.

D. Set new goals.
Once you’ve accomplished your goals be sure to immediately set new goals or similar goals to continue your momentum. Don’t ever rest on the success of your last Op.

E. Try to perfect your process of achievement.
Don’t repeat the same things that made you fail last time. The definition of high speed is doing the basics to perfection. Don’t always feel like you have to reinvent the wheel, but make sure you realize that the wheel needs perpetual maintenance to keep on rollin’.

F. Debrief lessons learned.
Make sure you take the time to look at your progress and failures in a timely manner. Gaining immediate perspective will help you reduce the potential of another mistake and enhance your ability to achieve daily and weekly success.

II. Life Missions: Long term Big Goals

A. Timeline of existing and future goals.
Write down in detail your existing and future Life Missions. Explain why you have these goals in place and how they are going to help you achieve your dreams. Be as specific as possible and make sure you cover all aspects of your physical, mental and spiritual development.

B. Breakdown achievement process.
It is critical for you to break down in as much detail as possible how you’re going to achieve your Big Goals. The more attention to detail you have the easier it will be to realize your dreams and forge your self-Confidence. Remember to remain flexible because you will definitely need to revise your process again and again due to unforeseen positive and negative events that happen to you.

C. Identify troubled areas in your process and your behavior.
Don’t ever try to ignore or deny problems that result from poor planning or a bad attitude. These things will simply compound over time and eventually derail your forward progress. Always be receptive to constructive criticism from your teammates. Be sure to take time for introspection and personal evaluation.

D. Set new goals or redefine the old ones.
If you get smacked in the face with a high dose of reality that leads to you failing at a Life Mission, well, guess what? Suck it up. It happens all the time. Life is tough. Murphy is going to rain on your parade every so often. The key is to reflect, reorganize, and drive on. A significant portion of your life should be spent setting Life Missions and redefining old ones based on the never-ending experiences that shape who you are.

E. Try and perfect your process.
Life is constantly changing and so should you. There are a million ways to skin a cat but the challenge is figuring out what way is best for you. You are never going to come out of the gate with a perfect process in place. Constant adjustments here and there will enable you to reach your objective the best way possible.

F. Debrief lessons learned.
You need to realize that you’re NOT going to accomplish your dream alone. Period! It is going to take a squared away team to help you get to where you want to go. Be sure to constantly get debriefs that should include constructive criticism and helpful advice. It is also very important to look inward at yourself and determine if you’re achieving your dreams as a Warrior Poet would.

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