In this episode of The Froglogic Podcast top Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker Author and Coach describes how he bombed his TedX Talk and what he learned from it. After finally getting picked for the coveted TedX talk David had to battle the Negative Insurgency in his preparation and during the moments leading up to his talk. Listen to how he failed to constrain his emotions and ended up having the worst speaking experience in his 10 year career. Then listen to the moving story of the incredible lessons he learned as a result of his failure and how he’s come back stronger than ever. This is the show about failure you won’t want to miss. HOOYAH

Stand by to get fired up and motivated with host Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Author and Coach David Rutherford. The Froglogic Podcast is a show designed to light the fire in your gut and help you defeat the Negative Insurgency in your life. David has spent the last 25 years exploring and researching the human condition in his attempt to discover what enables individuals and teams to succeed and fail in every environment imaginable. His new explosive podcast invites listeners to explore his discoveries on what fuels the human psyche in order to achieve victory in the combat of life.

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  1. Comment by Shawn

    Shawn June 7, 2016 at 7:06 am

    One of the best podcasts yet, thanks for your message. My new favorite. Thank you for sharing your experience, it helps to hear how you process and deal with the negative insurgency. You talk the talk and you walk the walk. Thanks!

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