Heyhiggs Team. The recent discovery of the Higgs Boson is massive on so many scales that it is difficult to put into a particular frame of importance relative to my own existence. As I approach my half way point on this earth I am now, more than ever trying to decipher the relevance of my own mass. Perhaps this scientific revelation will unlock all of my questions regarding how I move through space and time. Does the Higgs Boson slow my rate of acceleration to a point that it perpetually prohibits my cataclysmic success or does it give me the right amount of friction to help me understand the need for delayed gratification? Particle physics is both fascinating and supremely confusing for this Warrior Poet, but most importantly it is inspiring to me that a group of extremely brilliant human beings are pushing the envelope of understanding our relativity. This discovery by people who are made up of the same matter than I am, matters….a lot. It means that we are capable of so much more than we ever thought in the past. No matter how the Higgs truly affects time and space, the fact that we discovered it, matter most. Thank you. Out

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