Team. One my closest friends and the greatest warrior I have ever known was recently asked to attend a grand function last week at his alma matter. Due to his existing commitment within the SEAL Teams he was unable to make this kick off dinner. In his stead he sent a simple and honest letter to the group of young men this function was honoring. It is important to note that these battered young men are in the mist of one of the toughest challenges of their lives. They are being punished for the crimes of others. The old guard who were once responsible for setting the example to which the youth could follow have let themselves and the community they represent down. These young warriors are now lost wandering the battlefields of life because of the failed leadership that was supposed to guide their behavior. Prior to the event my brother’s letter was read by the new leader of this team. The letter shook this man to his core with it’s unsettling truth and profound message. The new leader was moved to read the letter at the close of the event. The impact covered the crowd with a tsunami of emotion. The truth in his message so pure that it forces an individual to admit that they are not doing enough. Not enough for themselves. Not enough for their team. Not enough period.


Since it’s reading the letter and the message within has spread across the campus and throughout the community like a strong wind pushing aside the clouds of their darken past. The message is treating the wounds of the schools injured warriors as well as those who have felt the collateral damage. The impact so significant that my brother’s peers and fellow alumni have insisted upon his return this weekend. Reluctantly, my brother returned to share the message first hand with the young warriors. I sit here at my desk a thousand miles away and can feel his words cover my soul and the souls of the young. I think about the past ten years and the Everest-like impact he has had on me and my quest of becoming a true Warrior Poet. I’ve witnessed his complete and unwavering sacrifice to the Brotherhood and this country at the highest levels. I’ve watched as those consumed with jealously try to destroy his career because of their inability to live up to the standard that his actions convey. A standard defined by honorable truth behind his existence. A standard above the rest. This quiet professional has never sought recognition or needed commendation as he fights the good fight. He goes to war against those who want to destroy you. He willingly comes face to face with an existential enemy that never rest and has the patience to wait for your fatigue. He is a true warrior fighting for my child, for my wife and for me.

The reluctant hero teaches us with their honorable actions and if we are blessed, with the simple truth of their words. Today the young men of Camelot will be filled with a light that will burn brighter than any of them have ever known. Listen to him young warriors and feel the Spirit of Crazy Horse. Rise up and live your lives as the Hawk lives, soaring above the common ground searching for the fulfillment received from the fight itself. Push yourselves to open your hearts and uncover your eyes so the truth of the Warrior’s message can show you the light. It is your turn to set the new standard by which the rest shall follow. It is your turn to show your intestinal fortitude and your commitment to one another in the fight against the perceptions of the common masses. Go forth and fight. Become the light that will guide your honor. To my Brother, the Warrior, the Reluctant Hero I say thank you. Thus endeth the lesson.

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