Are you interested in having a high energy, high impact keynote speaker that will entertain and inspire your team, then please take some time and check out top Navy SEAL Motivational David Rutherford’s event description and media bio at the link above. For the Past 25 years David has been exploring and researching the human condition in his attempt to discover what enables individuals and teams to succeed in every environment imaginable. What he’s discovered are some incredible truths about people from all walks of life can ignite the fire in their guts, defeat the Negative Insurgency and achieve victory in the combat of life. If you’re looking for the competitive edge then make the investment in David’s motivational program called Froglogic – Navy SEAL Motivational Training. David combines his epic journey with over 70 years of UDT/ SEAL Team operations, training doctrine and elite performance in order to produce a tested and proven program that some of the world’s leading companies have been using for the past 10 years. It’s time to recruit a performance coach who backs up his program with real world experience and research. HOOYAH

Top Motivational Speaker Author and Coach David Rutherford

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