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Private Coaching

Behavioral Training Specialist and performance coach, David Rutherford offers private coaching to those who are looking elevate their ability to succeed in every environment imaginable. David calls upon over 25 years of personal development and research from his own incredible life experience and combines his lessons learned with 70 plus years of Navy SEAL operations, training doctrine and elite lifestyle performance to help you discover whole new level of motivation. Destroy your known and unknown limitations by recruiting David and using his Froglogic Concepts to comprehensively achieve mission success in your life. Please note that David’s private coaching fees start at 5 figures. For more information please contact us.


Navy SEAL and Tactical Training Specialist, David Rutherford offers a wide variety of specialized training and team building courses. As a former Navy SEAL instructor and specialized training expert for elite government projects, David understands how to enhance individual and team psychology in order motivate people to embrace their fears and reach new levels of performance in any environment. Enlist David and his incredible team of the most experienced tactical professionals available to help take you or your team way past any known limitations and forge your ability to succeed in the face of adversity.


More than ever, young people are having greater difficulties discovering who they are and where they want to go. David B. Rutherford offers customized mentoring programs that will introduce those who choose to succeed to the Froglogic Concept. David will expose you to the fundamental concepts he learned while going through Navy SEAL training and to the lessons he learned as an Operational SEAL. He will help forge an unbreakable Self-Confidence and unwavering commitment to living the Team Life. He has already had incredible success helping countless young people to redirect their lifestyles in order to achieve total Mission Success in their lives. For more information about this exclusive instruction please contact us.

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“Hello David, as I wrote last Saturday I’m a Mexican federal police agent and as you maybe know we are having a lot of security issues due to the war against narcotraffic, a lot of innocent people and a lot of good polices are dying every single day for this war, I just wanna say thanks ‘couse trough you way of thinking you have encourage me to keep fighting, and feeling great for this one in a lifetime opportunity I have to serve my country. Thanks again and I have become in a great follower of your Froglogic! Thanks again!”

“Got to give you some props. The concept of Froglogic is something I’ve been using to better how I live my life. I’ve concluded that how we live is much more important than what we do. I’ve read every SEAL book, including yours, and it has become my daily goal to always raise the bar as high as possible. 4 weeks ago, I decided to get back into running and set a 5k race as my immediate goal. I’ve not run in years and running seems like a foreign concept. It has not been easy. I’m 45, 280lbs, 6’4 and make my living while sitting in a chair. I have to make changes to my fitness. Today I ran that 5k race in 35 minutes flat. Over the last four tough weeks, I used Froglogic and all the stories about the sacrifice that the elite group of warriors we call “Special Operators” as inspiration. Matt Axelson, Danny Dietz, Mike Murphy, Marcus Luttrell, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sr. Chief Mike Day who was shot 27 times, finished the mission, and walked to the evac chopper…. there are too many to name. Thank you Rut for helping me understand that we really do have a debt to all those who went before us to keep the bar set high, because it is my hope that those who come after us can be inspired as I have.”

Testimonial – “I just wanted to update you. I finished the year number 1 in sales and number 1 in percentage of goal reached at 170%. I struggle with having high self orientation but I wanted to share with you because your were there from the beginning. Your words always pushed me to be better. You push me to stay the course. Thank you for always giving me the self-confidence to I need to be successful every day.”

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