Top Motivational Speaker and Navy SEAL, David Rutherford ignites audiences with his high energy, no nonsense approach to motivating people to succeed in any environment imaginable. As a top Behavioral Training Specialist and Author, David motives people from all walks of life with his motivational philosophy called Froglogic. Derived from 20 years of personal exploration into the human condition David combines his incredible journey with 70 plus years of Navy SEAL operational, training and elite lifestyle performance successes. His masterful ability to inspire enables individuals and teams to forge their Self-Confidence and commit to living a TEAM LIFE.
Navy SEAL Radio

Navy SEAL Radio: Embrace Your Fears – with guest Navy SEAL & MMA Fighter Jeremiah Patrick

In this powerful episode of Navy SEAL Radio, behavioral training expert David Rutherford launches a 6 part series on learning to embrace your fears. As a Navy SEAL Medic and Instructor David has experienced Fear on every level and now for the first time, he introduces his listeners to the hidden truths about Fear and how to harness it to succeed in every aspect of your life. He also welcomes an incredible guest, Navy SEAL and MMA fighter, Jeremiah Patrick to help explain how the most elite fighters on the planet embrace fear to defeat the negative insurgency of life. Fear is a part of us all, you don’t want to miss this episode. HOOYAH #NavySEALRadio Saturday’s at 930 am EST.

Navy SEAL Radio: PTSD Show #1 – Negative Scarring

In this powerful episode, David digs deep into PTSD and the brutal challenges afflicting our Veterans and many in Society. David exposes the truth behind why people struggle getting “Real World” help in the midst of their crisis. He also outlines how suffering individual’s and groups can benefit from using Froglogic and a Navy SEAL Mindset to help embrace “Negative Scarring”. Don’t miss his powerful, uplifting message on one of America’s biggest problems.

Navy SEAL Radio: PTSD Show 2: Positive Scarring

In this incredibly powerful episode on PTSD, Navy SEAL David Rutherford outlines some tested ways to positively deal with this huge life challenge. David welcomes PTSD expert, Wally Graves and other guest to the show to describe their incredible journey of helping and dealing with PTSD. Don’t miss it.

Navy SEAL Radio- “The Bergdhal Debacle” Interviews with Thom Shea and Dan O’Shea

In this riveting episode, Navy SEAL and behavioral training specialist takes a hard look at the release of Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for 5 senior ranking Taliban commanders. David explores Bowe’s background, the timeline of his capture and subsequent missions to rescue him that followed. He will also explore the deal that lead to 5 senior Taliban fighters being released from Guantanamo Bay for Bowe’s release. Two situational experts will be guest for this weeks show. Navy SEALs and primetime news contributors, Dan O’Shea and Thom Shea offer thier incredible insight to the whole story. Tune into this controversial episode this Saturday at 930 am Eastern Standard Time. David will also be taking calls and questions from his audience. Don’t miss this one. HOOYAH.

Navy SEAL Radio Show – Live the Team Life

In this high energy radio show, Navy SEAL David Rutherford explains what it means to live the Team Life. David’s motivational philosophy called Froglogic, calls for individuals and groups to be holy committed to living a team oriented lifestyle. He outlines the 4 Missions a personal needs to accept in order to live the Team Life. HOOYAH

Navy SEAL Radio- Team Life – Mission 1: Commitment Jason Redman Interview

In this follow up show to his previous Team Life training program, Navy SEAL David Rutherford explains Mission 1: Commitment. This highest commitment known in the SEAL Team is dying for your brothers. David will discuss this level of commitment and how it can be acheived in your life. By retelling the remarkable story of Medal of Honor winner, Mike Monsoor David will help you set a new standard of comittment toward living the Team Life. David also welcomes wounded Navy SEAL, Jason Redman owner of Wounded Wear on board to discuss his incredible experiences as a Navy SEAL. HOOYAH

Navy SEAL Radio: Team Life Mission 2: Training

In this exciting and informative episode David continues explaining how to Live the Team Life. In “Mission 2: Training” he shares the critical importance of focused training as it relates to personal and professional success. David outlines Navy SEAL training and how the world’s most elite operators are forged. Using Medal Of Honor winner Mike Thornton as the standard listen and redefine your defintion of training. HOOYAH

Navy SEAL Radio: Team Life Mission 3: Communication

In this episode Navy SEAL David Rutherford gets listeners’ attention with his high energy approach to broadcasting. In this show David covers Mission 3: Communication from his Team Life series. He explains how great communication is the key behind winning life’s battles on all fronts. David takes excerpts from his motivational talk called Team Life to explain how SEALs use every part of their being to communicate effectively and get the mission done. He also shares Medal of Honor winner Tommy Norris’ story to demonstrate the power of staying calm and communicating. Listen up and learn from the best. HOOYAH

Navy SEAL Radio: Team Life Mission 4: Leadership

In this final episode of David’s Team Life series stand by for an incredible look into the power of great leadership. David uses Medal of Honor winner Lt. Mike Murphy to define how Navy SEALs explain what leading men on the battlefield is all about. He also breaks down why becoming a great leader in your life will enable you to live the Team Life. Get fired up and listen to David’s Froglogic Concepts to change your life today. HOOYAH

Navy SEAL Radio: Patience

In this show, life coach David Rutherford shares with his audience the importance of a patient mindset when conducting life’s operations. He exposes listeners to the incredibly difficult training regiment of the SEAL Teams. He explains how to apply his Froglogic concept into your life in order to embrace the long term reality of embracing your fears, forging your self-confidence, and living the Team Life. HOOYAH

Navy SEAL Radio: Direct Action

In this action packed show, Navy SEAL David Rutherford explains the power of Direct Action Missions in combat and in life. He describes how Navy SEALs utilize their incredible committment towards each other to acheive mission success in the most extreme environments on the planet. Plus, he will help you understand how to apply this same mindset to acheiving your biggest goals in your life. Tune in and learn how to conduct your own Direct Action Missions now. HOOYAH

Navy SEAL Radio “Holding Positive Ground”

In this action packed show, Navy SEAL and Behavior Specialist David Rutherford explains the how to gain and hold, positive ground during the Combat of Life. He breaks why it’s important in your life and how Navy SEALs stay positive in the most extreme environments imaginable. Tune in and learn how stand your ground and be positive doing it. HOOYAH

Navy SEAL Blog Talk Radio “Performing The Basics To Perfection”

In his high energy show, Navy SEAL David Rutherford explains the absolute necessity for teams to learning how to perform the basics to perfection. Execution is critical to all success and Navy SEALs train using this mindset. Learn how they do it and how to employ this concept into your teams operationional schedule. Call in, tweet or Facebook him to ask David any questions or just share a great story. HOOYAH.

Navy SEAL Radio: Defining Yourself on the Battle Field of Life

In this powerful episode David helps to map out the modern day battle field of life. He explains how to defeat the ever present negative insurgency with great training, a positive attitude and by living the Team Life. Don’t miss this incredibly uplifting show and begin preparing for total mission success. HOOYAH

Navy SEAL Radio Memorial Day Special

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