Dean Karnazes and Topher Gaylord trail running in the Italian DolomitesTeam. I found this amazing article validating something we in the SEAL Teams believe is an essential part of human existence, being cognitively and emotionally healthy comes through extreme fitness. Journalist, Scientist, Psychologist, Fitness experts, hard core athletes, and every other person on the planet who has and uses common sense realizes that internal bliss comes from pushing your external self to new highs, past all your known physical limits. In the Teams we are immediately tested in this capacity by going through an event that many consider to he be the hardest human feat on earth, HELLWEEK. A 5 day ultra evolution where BUDS students get hammered physically and mentally with less than two hours of sleep for the whole week. Upon completion of Hellweek budding Navy SEALs are transformed into willing students ready to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. Other amazing human beings and extreme atheletes like Dean Karnazas, Chrissie Wellington, David Goggins, Tarahumara Indians, The African Sand People, and the Special Operation Forces all understand the existential potential in going farther and longer then ever imagined. These incredible endurance athletes, natural runners, sustenance hunters, and elite Operators all embrace the self-induced perception of a life without limitations. The natural highs human’s experience in this ultra physiological state not only transform the body but also enable the mind to reach new levels of a soulful perception that I believe is necessary to evolve into a true human being. So if you wanna get really high, GO RUN! OOUUTT
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