Brian Kalt

Creative Director


Brian Kalt began scribbling and drawing in the margins of his textbooks, like many youngsters, around the age of 5. He was encouraged by his father to doodle on a regular basis. This led to some extra interest and support from art teachers throughout middle and high school. With some gentle prodding, he made the leap to the University of Florida and fully embraced drawing and oil painting as a major. Since graduating in 1995, he has worked in the apparel industry, supporting licenses from MARVEL to The Rolling Stones, many designs garnering awards and commendations.

Today Brian focuses His creative energy On Developing clothing And merchandise In support of the Froglogic brand. He also plays a key role In generating social media Imagery and Most importantly Creating and rendering Field manuals About the exploits of the Navy SEAL superhero DOC FROG!

Project categories: TEAMMATES

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