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Team Froglogic

Froglogic Concepts LLC, (FLC)

Good day David! Thank you for your message – you have influenced me in a remarkable way. I really struggled with my Self-Confidence and as a dad, husband and business manager this started rubbing off on my boys, my marriage and my professional life. My newly found supreme positive attitude has now started rubbing off on my piers, my boys and my wife. My relationship with God is on the right tract (I pray A LOT), I’m doing PT twice a day and for once I’m happy. My boys are ecstatic little men and life is boiling through their skins, my wife adores me and my team at work is attacking projects like never before and we’re successful. I can carry on forever!! I don’t say this often, but may God bless your life and let it be filled with love, health, hope and peace.
Warm greeting from South Africa – thanks for being my swim buddy!


Last 8 months have been hell having started a new firm, almost lost everything. Your posts help me move past all the fear that was paralyzing me. Also, had to trust my partner even when the news was bad.. Things turned around once i let go of all the bs and just did what had to be done. You have a good bead on how life works. Thank You.


Rut – Hey man, I’m sure you get a lot of messages like these, and it’s not my thing to reach out like this. But I have to tell you that what you’re doing works. I can’t tell you how often I’ve sat at my desk at work, or outside a courthouse, or in a deposition and felt completely flat and unmotivated. When I start feeling sorry for myself, I just pull up your page and read some of your posts, and it gives me the proper kick in the ass. Thank you.


Instructor Rut, Thanks so much for being the motivator that you are. I discovered you about 3 months ago and have watched and listened to your you tube videos every day. I feel better about myself even more since I got and read your Self Confidence book. I’m 58 years old and I’m doing better now than when I was 45. Thanks for all you do and continue your magnificent work…out!

Dave, just a update for you on my eight year old son Michael. He is promoting in Martial Arts to a yellow belt. He has listened to your speech that starts out with, “a man can only be beaten in two ways, if he gives up or dies” which is a awesome speech. He listens to it everyday. He has worked very hard and is developing leadership skills. He does not give up. He is dead set on having you as his mentor. He looks to me for coaching but takes your words to heart. I know your a busy guy but I ask if there is anything that you can send to help him further it would be greatly appreciated. I am grateful for all that you have done. Thanks again and please let me know? God bless


David, Was out running this morning and part of my run takes me through a large cemetery where I usually reflect on life in general. Today I thought of how you like to say how it’s good to be “above dirt”. As I prayed in silence for the souls there I thought truly how great it is to be alive and all I have been blessed with in my life. Thanks again for you positive work, continued success, and enjoy this day. Hooyah!


Hello David, I have been getting SO much out of your amazing podcasts and posts. I’m in Toronto, Canada and am in the middle of a career change. I’m preparing to join the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Canada’s federal police service. I’m moving through the long recruitment process right now–encouraged all the way by Froglogic and “Instructor Rut!” Sending you a huge thank you and loud “hoo-yas” from Canada! Keep up the amazing work and thank you SO much again!

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