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Leadline Publishing is Team Froglogic’s in house publishing company dedicated to providing the very best in self-help literature. After experiencing a corporate resistance from major publishing companies David decided to start his own publishing company to deliver his Froglogic Field Manual series for kids and adults. Leadline is constantly working hard to help bring David’s Navy SEAL Motivational Training program to the masses. Leadline is also on the lookout for new positive author’s and motivational ideas that would be beneficial in helping people around the world improve on their ability to succeed in life.

David, your contributions and team at Froglogic have delivered tremendous value within LoyaltyExpress. We all thank you for your service to our country, your dedication to becoming a SEAL, and for your inspiration. We are privileged not only to know you but to work with you and hopefully, give back some of the inspiration that you give to us.
Jeffrey T. Doyle, CEO Loyalty Express

Dear David, I want you to know how much your presentation in Las Vegas impressed our entire executive Team. The convention was informative, but you were inspirational. Every single person said your views on teamwork fired them up about Stor-All and the future. Our team is committed to implementing the Four Benchmarks of Teamwork to make Stor-All a better and more successful organization.
Jeff Anderson, Managing Partner STOR-ALL

David’s presentation fit exceptionally well with our sales meeting. His Team Life messages – Training, Commitment, Communication, Leadership – are spot on with the principles that we uphold and reinforce with our team every day. David’s passion for the messages and his ENERGY are contagious. It was a great kickoff for our event and to 2013.
Scott Martin, NorthAmerican

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