Etched in the souls of American Stars are the sharp memories of my brothers and sisters who spilled their blood to forever stain our flag with the die of sacrifice and honor. For this reason we must erect monumental memories of endless servitude to the greater good. We must never forget the tools needed to protect the lives of our children and the blanket which protects them. As I reflect this day I am once again stripped to my core. I am a Naked Warrior born from the heroic deeds and Love spanning 75 years of The Brotherhood. It’s only because of my brothers that I am able see and feel the infinite dream of Freedom. It’s only because of them and those that serve now that my children feel the blessed winds of Democracy. Thank you all for all that you’ve given for me. Honored to have served with you. God bless America and all our Veterans. Out. #Froglogic #SEALTEAM #SpecialForces #MARSOC #AFSOC #Rangers #CIA #Blackwater #TheJerichoMile #NeverQuit #neverforget

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