You must never forget the looming presence of monumental moments. This morning I’m blessed to reflect on so many profound life altering experiences. Managing reflection of this magnitude is a process I find fascinating. Where I seem to pull the greatest insight from is by book ending the memories. Who was I when it started? And who did I become at the end? What can I learn from that chapter of my life? Regardless if you want to believe it or not we do change. And it’s these grand experiences that change us. I’m asked constantly, “Instructor Rut how do you find your wisdom?” My answer…..I live a grand life. My search for the truth about the human condition is perpetual. I seek the prose of life so that I have as many chapters as possible for these two to read before I become dust On The Road. OOOOUUUUTTTT #Froglogic #themissionneverends #TheJerichoMile

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