A true Warrior is blessed and cursed. The eternal desire to forever stand with strength and honor against the Negative Insurgency is a soulful need that does not die. This perpetual quest to match ourselves against the other Warriors of our day pumps life into our deepest desires but also drains the grains of sand within our physical self. We shall sprint towards victory until the legs of death finally tear us down and we can fight no more. This pathway of pain is the armor of our existence.This is our life blood. This is our code. I️ am beyond blessed to walk this path with one of the worlds greatest Gladiators. A Warrior who runs freely with death upon his heels and a smile on his face. @andreiarlovski thank for your strength and honor. My brother. OOOOUUUUTTTT #Froglogic #WarriorsCode #Thepathofpain #VictoryisViolent #strengthandhonor #gladiator

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