Daily Dose of Froglogic – 22 Sept 17
When the winds of success whisper in your ear do you hear the words of innocence lost, “Caaarpe Diemmmm”. I do. And I shall seize this day spreading the message that you can’t do it alone. We must define ourselves with total commitment and sacrifice all for those we care most about. We must train each day for the fight never becoming complacent in the a absence of failure. We must use every ounce of our being to communicate the truth of our collective mission. And finally, we must accept that each is a day for us lead. To use God’s greatest gift so that we can embrace our fears and inspire greatness in those we love must. Turn the whisper into a roar. OOOOUUUUTTTT #Froglogic #TeamLife Thank you Col. for allowing me to reach so many eager young minds. @jacksonpreparatory

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