I am thankful that God loves me and gives me His Grace regardless of my sin. I am thankful that I can give my unconditional love to my beautiful strong daughters. I am thankful I can give my love to my parents who literally saved my life this past year. I am thankful to my brother who gives his wisdom and grace freely to me. I am thankful to all those who were a part of my Tribe this year and for the monumental support that you fed my soul over and over again as I stood empty at the edge. I am thankful being able to give back to all those of you who support and believe in the message I am trying to send into the world so that we might all grow a touch stronger, a dash more empathetic, and infinitely more positive as the #NegativeInsurgency desperately tries to tear us down. I pray that all of you are thankful that you’re above dirt, have people that love you and are able to wield your love with reckless.

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