Wisdom is all around us. The question is, are you aware of your own space and the time it takes you to accept it? It floats like a butterfly across mad poetry and profound admissions. It’s hidden in between the millions of grains of sand that coat our journey through the competitive life. It’s woven in the shredded arms of new friends singing old songs so good. It dances across a pond of brilliant first time waves splashing our joy and washing our sin of fear with the grace of God’s tears. And finally it seeps into our folded experiences bonding us together like a magnificent hug, making us that much wiser in our known space and in our time. OOOOUUUUTTTT #Froglogic #Influenced @onnit @aubreymarcus @inqlife @karatehottiemma @tiffanytimebomb @_tiananicole_ @miss2jits @alliwaddell @auadrf

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