If you walk 100 miles into the woods, then you must walk 100 miles to get out. We mustn’t forget that it’s not a race. That each step no matter how painful, how beautiful, how blessed is a step we must take. Because the answers are not stretched across some imaginary finish line at some randomly assigned point in time. The truths we seek are etched in the bark of giant lessons and woven in the webs of subtle aphorisms. The epithets we yearn for bloom in the caverns created by our worn footprints as we trudge through the endless mud of dark forests and experience. The axiom of the path less traveled should never be questioned. As I walk the miles the rings of my soul grow wider and the intense allure of intersecting souls becomes the purpose of my journey. Deeper and deeper I must go. OOOOUUUUTTTT #Froglogic #PoetWarrior #ThePathLessTraveled#SequoiaSouls #MuirWoods #TheJourneyNeverEnds#TheJerichoMile #NeverQuit

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