Staring into the face of evil what do you see? What horrors riddle you with fear? Eventually Evil stares at us all. It is ever present and everywhere. There are no corners of the earth in which it hides. It seeps into the spaces we least expect in which it ultimately intensifies our perception of its power over us. The painful truth is that Evil is as much a part of life as Good is. And no matter how many weapons, laws, or treatments you bring to bear against it, Evil will Never die. Thank God. Because it’s the presence of Evil that illuminates something 100 times more powerful than Evil…..LOVE. When evil forces its hand upon us we must dawn God’s great armor of Love. With His strength stare back in the faces that you Love most and be reassured that Love will never die too. God bless all those who’ve been affected by the recent evil in Las Vegas. We love you all. OOOOUUUUTTTT #Froglogic #Lovewillneverdie


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