My anchored heart floats freely across the blazen fires of the burning horizon. The endless warmth of their presence keeps me from the shivers of unknown distances and the carnival life. I yearn to trap their innocence within the millions of shells bathing in the rolling seashore. As my soul takes flight in search of the true infernos I desperately try and remember their small footprints leaving behind their purity within the changing tides. I hear the engines of purpose roar and I quietly send prayers that the armor of God’s brilliant light coats their soul and keeps them warm as the distance between us grows. The unicorn shells and sharks teeth are so hard to find.  I must never stop searching for them. OOOOUUUUTTTT #Froglogic #PoetWarrior #TheJerichoMile #Angelsamongus#TheBearandtheBrusier #MyMeaning

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