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Episode #11 Shawn Ryan – Navy SEAL – Vigilance Elite CEO – YouTube Personality

By September 10, 2019No Comments

In the next epic episode of the Froglogic Podcast, David ‘Rut’ Rutherford welcomes fellow Navy SEAL, Vigilance Elite CEO, YouTube sensation, and all around awesome mug, Shawn Ryan to the show. In this entertaining and intense show, Shawn and Rut dive deep into the fear of becoming a Navy SEAL, the long term impact of serving the country, and what happens a highly trained human being is forced to change identities. Stand by for another intimate look into the human condition and what enables us to succeed and fail in the most extreme environments imaginable. HOOYAH

Award winning Podcast Host, David Rutherford reignites his Froglogic Podcast by answering life’s greatest questions. Listen to this former Navy SEAL Medic, CIA Contractor, best-selling author, and World Series Champion motivational performance coach, give his unique and profound insight about the human condition.