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Episode #15 Mike Ritland – Navy SEAL – Master K – 9 Trainer – Podcast Badass

By October 8, 2019October 14th, 2019No Comments

In this incredible episode of the Froglogic Podcast, David ‘Rut’ Rutherford welcomes former US Navy SEAL, owner of Trikos International dog training, founder of Warrior Dog Foundation, NY Times Best-Selling Author, and host of the Mike Drop Podcast, Mike Ritland to the show. Mike and Rut explore the intricacies of Mike’s journey from his 12 years as a SEAL to growing Trikos International into a global brand. Mike dives deep into the psychological nuances of turning a top-notch purebred into a badass warrior, as well as turning your family rescue into a well-obedient family dog. His passion for K9s and his ability to host one of the best podcasts on the circuit will be discussed between these two friends, who have been brothers since 1997. Tune in to hear how similar dog psychology is to human psychology.

Award winning Podcast Host, David Rutherford reignites his Froglogic Podcast by answering life’s greatest questions. Listen to this former Navy SEAL Medic, CIA Contractor, best-selling author, and World Series Champion motivational performance coach, give his unique and profound insight about the human condition.