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David Rutherford is a top Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, former CIA Contractor, Best-Selling Author, Performance Coach, YouTube Personality and Podcast Host. He has spent the last 28 years exploring and researching the human condition in his quest to discover what enables individuals and teams to succeed and fail in every environment imaginable. What he has discovered are some undeniable truths about how we can perpetually ignite the fire in our gut in order to defeat the Negative Insurgency and to achieve victory in the combat of life. Listen as he utilizes his motivational philosophy and training program called Froglogic Concepts. His high-energy, high-impact style of speaking, writing and hosting will leave you informed and inspired. For more information please visit his website at

In this episode of the Froglogic Podcast David ‘Rut’ Rutherford asked the most important questions we need to ask ourselves, Who AM I, Why AM I Here? Rut explores his incredibly unique journey, from childhood to working for the CIA, in order to help his listeners begin their ultimate personal journey of discovery. David intends for his dedicated followers to explore their evolving identities, overcoming failure, the pathway of pain, and finally to find true purpose in life. Begin your epic journey today with the Froglogic Podcast.