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Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Corporate Speaking, Elite Performance

David inspires people around the world as a top motivational speaker, author for kids and adults, radio & podcast host, behavioral training specialist, YouTube personality, private performance coach, social media presence, charity volunteer and mentor for young men. His uniquely high-impact and emotional style of speaking, writing and coaching helps all types of people gain a Navy SEAL style focus and mentality towards higher performance physically, mentally and spiritually. He combines over 25 years of exploring and researching the human condition with over 70 years of UDT/SEAL operations, training doctrine and elite performance to create the Froglogic Concepts a Navy SEAL Motivational Training program. In the past 9 years David has reached over 4 million people and is well on his way to reaching his personal goals of 10 million in ten years. Recruit David today to help you and your team to start forging your self-confidence, embracing your fears, living with purpose and to live the Team Life.


David’s Corporate Speaking Programs on Self-Confidence, Team Life, Embracing Fear and Self-Confidence: Hammer Session outline how to forge Self-Confidence and commit to living a TEAM LIFE. Hire David today and start erasing traditional comfort zone behavior, embrace fear, and learn to successfully operate in any mental or physical environment on the planet.


The Froglogic Concept was founded in David’s passion for helping youth develop long term, healthy living behavioral training habits. There is a negative insurgency quietly attacking our youth to negatively influence them in a manner that imprints long lasting psychological wounds resulting in social narcissism, childhood obesity, hyper-materialism and Internet Withdrawal Syndrome. David is committed to helping children of all ages forge their self confidence and learn to live the interactive Team Life in order to first resist, and then overcome, this debilitating influence.


David and Team Froglogic are wholly committed toward supporting Veteran based charities that meet the Charity Watch’s “A” rating standard. David and the Team will donate time, services, expertise, money and support to help a charity they believe can make a difference in helping struggling veterans reintegrate into civilian life. Listed below are some the proven charities that David and the Team stand behind. HOOYAH