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David, It was great to meet you and listen to your presentation last week in Atlanta. E told me it would be worth my time and it was for sure! A few things really resonated with me, including your call to action for everyone to question what our purpose is, be in it for the TEAM, and approach our work with Love as a pillar to our relationships. It is uncommon to hear someone link success in the business world with having Love be the goal. But, I have bought in and its really helping me attain new levels of success. I really do care for my best business partners and once they know I do, its changing the dynamic of the relationships and breaking down some barriers. I can’t help but feel more justified about approaching it this way when I hear a real world warrior like you – who has defended our country against the most evil people – say that success would be nearly impossible without you and your TEAM knowing you all loved one another no matter what. If dudes like that do it, why shouldn’t any of us “suits”? Thanks for helping me – hope our paths cross again.


Hey David… I wanted to thank you again for your amazing talk at the Workiva Sales Conference. I finally went to see American Sniper and a lot of things clicked in my head that you had spoken about. I was very thrilled to be able to explain to my hubby all the different elements in the movie that you explained in your talk with the SEAL Training. You made a huge impact on how I am going about my life in the short amount of time you spoke. So thank you! Hopefully, you’ll be at another event!! Thanks again, Michelle


I wanted to thank you for your presentation on Tuesday in Detroit. I took in so much, both professionally and personally! I too am 42 (you mentioned ’72 was a good year) and have a 10 year old son and two daughters, 2 and 4. I now find myself talking to them with a lot more praise and positive reinforcement!! I was so motivated by your presentation, I’ve purchased your book, Self-Confidence, off Amazon today. I plan on purchasing your books for children as well!! Thank you again David and thank you for your service for our country!!!


Hey David. I just wanted to let you know that you are making an impact on my life. Your book and daily motivations charges my battery! I’ve had some very challenging calls lately that are the bad part of my job. Like you…I see some stuff eyes should never have to see! A deep sincere Thank you…. keep on keeping on!!


Mr. Ruthorford, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the great book and all you do. I was one of those folks who gave a lot (air force) for this great country. When I retired, I seemed to be lost and without much hope. To make a long story short, the negative insurgency was my walk for a awhile, and considered ending it all after I lost my job, and no one seemed to care. By happenstance I came upon your book and some other books written by our fellow team-mates from the service. I found hope, and hope GOD again. I just wanted to say thank you. My spouse was one of the few who would not quit on me, and encourage me to get the help I needed (just a good swift kick in back side). I must also say that I must come from from very hardy stock, because my uncle was one of the first UDT guys. Thank you again, maybe I can meet up at one of your talks and get you to sign your book for me. No more negative insurgency, and sucking the marrow out of every minute.


Just wanted to take some time to say thank you. I have read and reread your book on Self-Confidence and listen to the audio book at work. You Sir have changed my life for the better in numerous ways. I have signed up for HM Royal Marines and now have the confidence to boldly accept the challenge! Not much compared to a truly remarkable Navy SEAL and hero to many… but it’s a start lol. Thanks again and all the best for 2015 Sir!


Good morning sir, wanted to say thank you for your service for our country, for your leadership, example, and devotion to the greater good and living the team life. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious, I don’t know you personally but I’m sure I’m not the only one that can say my life has been impacted for good because of the way you choose to LIVE each day!! God bless


Thanks You. I am late in the Froglogic lifestyle. I recently discovered your podcast. I am currently listening to Navy SEAL Training Mission 3: Motivate Yourself & Others(May 2013) and already you have had a huge impact on my life. The loss of my father in 09 has been lingering on my life and effected my career, relationships, and my motivation on life. I was blinded of this notion for 5 years until I discovered your podcast. You have taught me to take inventory of life, take a long hard look at myself, hold myself accountable for my mistakes/failures, and man up to make the necessary changes. I am listening to about 3 shows a day in hopes that I can catch up. Thanks for inspiring me as well as your many followers. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference.


My name is Bryant and I have been a police officer for s little over 2 years now. I recently discovered your Navy SEAL Radio, Youtube Videos and Podcast, and I have to say your motivation is the best I have found to apply to my life and my job. I enjoyed your message that touched on the selflessness of service and defeating the negative insurgencies in life.. Anywho, I’m sure you get bogged down with E-Mails on the daily, I just wanted to extend my appreciation for what you do and let you know you definitely are making a difference. Thank you


Ok you may not realize it, but you taught about 35 inmates when I figured out how to pipe you podcast into the squad bay class room. They heard the podcast for your talk on self confidence and intro to the book from two years ago. Next week we play mission 1: a positive attitude! Hooyah we did it brother. They are listening to you in my prison boot camp! We still have those 100 books you gave us and several inmates have read the whole thing. I still owe you a photograph!

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  1. Comment by Matt Jacobs

    Matt Jacobs Reply December 13, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    There isn’t a way I can thank you enough. Your endless positive energy is doing wonders for me and others. I have evolved my entire way of thinking because of you. I am now more devoted to those around me. I admit I was a rather self-centered guy until you explained it bare to me. Everything worth accomplishing requires a TEAM not one person but a TEAM. I have tried and failed to enter BUD/S for years and I may never get in but I will not give up either way I am going to devote all my time and energy not into making myself great but making my TEAM great. I want to be a Navy SEAL but even if that does not happen I will always carry what you have taught me in my videos with me forever. TEAM LIFE FOR LIFE! HOOYAH!!!!!!!!

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